I Hate South Park

I hate South Park. I seriously hate nasty humour. I am not of the school who thinks you can't have crude humour I don't mind sex references or even swearing I loved Friends and Frasier which had plenty of sex references, but I hate nasty humour. South Park is nothing but nasty cruel to other people type stuff. Always horrible jokes about peoples looks no matter who they slag I feel sorry for. Like Paris Hilton, I don't like her but what South Park said about her was vicous. They made her out to be a paedophille practically called her a smelly revolting ***** and had her sucked into somebody's ******* at the end. How is that smart, its not I could do a joke on Paris Hilton easy but I wouldn't have to resort to uch pathetic nasty neurotic sexist rubbish. All their jokes are like this all Barbra Striesand has a big nose this female celebrity has small breasts and is ugly its pathetic nasty and seriously awful. And it annoy's me the way they act like they are so radical and daring, who do they slag Britney Spears Paris Hilton, people everyone makes fun of. They wouldn't ever make fun of anyone its risky to make fun of they are cowards and sheep. You don't need to even make fun of people di Frasier ever do that no did Friends Cheers Fawlty Towers no and they were alot funnier on their worst episode than South Park ever was.
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Perhaps your taste in shows leads me to think this but: Are you the type of person who judges people based on appearances? My question is, I know, rude and blunt. But your depictions of what South Park is "about", making fun of celebrities but no one "important", just gives me the idea of someone who only judges by what they see and then base that against anything else. How about this: In Frasier we see a guy who's a radio talk show host for most of his on screen career until he goes back to standard psychiatric practice. Okay. Yes he's smart and cultured, but in the first season (the very best in my opinion) it shows how out of touch he is with the rest of the world. He's presumptuous, pompous, thinks highly of himself and believes he's smarter than everyone else. I loved Friends so the only thing I have to say about it is: .... Seriously people? The final episode is Ross and Rachel getting back together? Everyone knew they were gonna be together so why not do something with more... Ah, who am I kidding. It was a perfect ending. But again, I can base you upon your description of what you think South Park is. And I see a man who has a seriously confused and mislead opinion on what/who they think is "important" and either won't or can't find the real message behind what the creators are trying to say. To give you an episode that doesn't make fun of celebrities, is crude but has a great message to it: "Bleeding Mary". Talks about alcoholism.

They don't mean the stuff and do you know Jersey shore was happy and nice about it that they made it to southpark??? Trey Parker and Matt stone put their lives out there they know they are going to get haters for it but they stand strong.When southpark said something about Harry potter which was not nice i still laugh.Infact it does say at the begging a WARNING sign about the show about the offensive.You should know that.Im 11 years old I don't think the show is bad,yeah sure it says something's like tilts or vajinas etc etc but I still think its funny,so give it a couple of chances like I did I hated the show when I was little because it sceard e life out of me!But now Im fine with it it gives you some education and lessons not to do that or Think before you say something.I know this year I'm going to learn the 'thing' in school so I don't need to worry about it,because I watched southpark. Please give a chance.

From Emma

Tom Cruise, Scientologists, Obama, Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam, Muhammad, Jesus, GOD!!! If you think South Park isn't daring, you just haven't watched any episodes, stop being so judgemental on something you dont know anything about

they showed Muhammed in 3 episodes! If that's not daring i don't know what is!!!

Frasier and friends is &%#$ing lame. Also who gives a **** who they rip on u watch south park not to be politically correct but to laugh your@$$ off cuz of how there view on current events and celebrity misshaps is so over exsagerated

They said ******* wheel of fortune episode sounds pretty daring to me

Thats not what they act like I have seen the two ******** that make it in interviews who act like they are so radical and daring and they are not.

So, they're ******** now? Have you actually met them by any chance? Have you personally talked to them? Have they somehow come out to you and said "Hey, we're the new wave of America and you should listen to us because we know everything about anything and you don't". You should do some more research on them before you judge them. Oh, and by the way, your grammar is atrocious. Learn about commas and periods. For all of us "radical and daring" posers.

South Park isn't ment to be taken at face value. Often what they are preaching is below the surface.