South Park Is The Worst Show Ever.

When I was in high school, I actually had the nerve to watch this atrocity because I had to let a friend of mine talk me into it. I had been watching since but I managed to get myself out of it after they insulted the one animated program I really like: Family Guy. The people at Whitman who think that South Park is better than the rest are a bunch of ***-wipes and I think the reason is that they have a lot of problems like Eric Cartman, who like Adolph Hitler, blames the Jews for all his worries in life, making them both very sick individuals. Lately, I keep coming back to it because there's nothing to watch on TV sometimes, but I know there better things for me to do, like listening to the scores on my iPod. In short, South Park is just like the people who watch it: it's mean, cruel and painfully unfunny.
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I wonder if you know it's completely satirical and everyone knows cart man is the biggest aaa hole in the show and that's the point

... I will agree that I'm not funny but I'm not mean... or cruel. I hope I'm not cruel. Hey, your opinion, and I respect it because you have a decent excuse: You don't like crude humor that makes fun of everything. I don't agree with you but hey, what do I know?

Didn't bother reading, because it doesn't need to be done. The shows offensiveness is all for humor, if you think its overly inappropriate, then your the kind of person depicted in the show. The trials of free speech are pushed on South Park, Matt and Trey deserve lifetime achievement awards for being two of the greatest men in entertainment media, and biggest supporters of the right to say whatever the hell you want about whatever you want, (Known commonly as free speech) its just a joke get the hell over it.

When you admit to really liking Family Guy and really disliking South Park says pretty much everything one would need to know about you, your sense of humour and your intelligence. South Park is cutting edge, highly intelligent relevant and deserved humour, the jokes make sense, have a point and are related to the story in some way. Using cutaway interchangeable jokes like family guy does isn't clever or cutting edge and whats worse is those jokes aren't even funny in the end anyway. South Park was totally justified in calling Family Guy out for that. This post makes you look like a soar fan boy.

Okay, all though I agree with most of what you're saying here, do you think it's really necessary for you to just **** on the guy like that? In the beginning Family Guy was trying to be politically humorous and tried to show the social problems with America and the world in general by putting the main characters in scenarios related to the problem; just like South Park. The only difference is that Family Guy became main stream. And almost no one in the main stream society wants to focus on depicting the message on a TV show that they watch to relax themselves.

Admitidly, I think south park is HILARIOUSE (seriously funny stuff). The reason I hate it, though, is that it's so offensive. It makes fun of everyone and everything, they go too far. Actually, the reason for their fame is that they have no limits, but that's not a good thing.

Don't you think that's the reason they're so great, though? They have no limits. They're willing to make fun of everything, and they're not going to limit themselves to the social restrictions, morals or unwritten codes that people perceive as "decency". I mean, I'm sure they would make fun of a black paraplegic man who has to talk through a voice box (like Steven Hawking) and not give it a second thought because they think he's just like any other person. In that way, it shows how accepting and tolerant they are.

south park has low quality gags that are too easy to understand. That's why the show is so popular.

There are websites dedicated to deciphering the hidden jokes in South Park. Seriously, I have no problem with you if you dont like South Park, but you're wrong to say it's too easy to get the jokes, they actually have pretty intelligent humour, and it's usually very topical and current to events in the world

The gags in southpark were pretty lame in the first few series. But now it boasts some of the most intelligent writing on tv. Animated or otherwise. There is still a bit of toilet humour but the shows are well thought out.

Ur an idiot.

Family guy is just a bunch of stupid off topic jokes that make no sense!

south park makes fun of ignorant and egotistical ( i call them idiots) ppl.<br />
A good example is kanye west, read what he said after south park made a episode about him.<br />
He didnt sue southpark like most have, instead he realized what a douche he was.<br />
So if u think south park is offensive or that it makes fun of ur belives, Then congrats ur a idiot :)

It's a satire. That's all im gonna say. If you get that offended by it, Parker and Stone are trolling you

Why do I think you just gave a perfect response?

if you are saying that people that like south park are hilter heilers.... than YOU are the cruel one. I don't like family guy and i'm not ripping on you for it, everybody has it own taste in television and i ******* hate people like you, that hate the people that love the shows they hate!!!!

Lol. It does.

Your vent actually says more about you than it does about South Park.

South park kicks Family guy's ***.

thier subjects are on actual occured events

thier subjects are on actual occured events