****, Junk, and Scams! Oh, My!

I get so much spam, as I own websites that are popular. And the spam-bots pick up my one and only email addy. So, on average, I get around 600 spam mails a day! :-/

It's annoying... it wasn't some male enhancement company... with titles that are disturbing to me! Like, "pierce the ceiling!" That doesn't sound to great to me! It sounds like that would be painful for the girl! :-o

And then also junk mail, asking me if I want education to be a nurse or doctor's assistant... no! Or those claiming a chance to win a free laptop or ipod... right... :-/

And then there is those scam spams! These are funny! It's always some doctor or lawyer in Nigeria, who has too much money on his hands and wants to give me the money! All I have to do is give this person my bank info, and they will transfer the funds into my bank account! Nice try! =p

And now, they're starting to be more creative! I got an email from the FBI, a few nights ago. I thought it was from the case I had filed, three years ago, when my sites were hacked. Hacking is a federal offense... and this kid was a amateur and left all his fingerprints all over my hacked site. So, I filed a report with the FBI. But because of terrorist and such, my case is on the back burner. So when I got that email, I thought, they had finally got to my case... No.

It was an email claiming to be FBI... that they had thoroughly checked out the professor of Nigeria and verify that he's not a scammer. That I had 1 million dollars waiting for me, if I'd just send the guy my bank info! ROTFL! Well... they're certainly getting more imaginative! =p

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

And we are learning to become more alert! but what a waste of time and energy which could be used better elsewhere!

lol theyre such idiots arent they!!