I am terrified of spiders.  I can’t stand them in my house and I pay the Orkin man to insure that I don’t see any.  Unfortunately I saw one the other day along with ants marching outside my home.  I have called the Orkin man and he will be to my rescue on Friday.  Just please think good thoughts until then because I can’t stand to think of the nasty boogers.

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8 Responses May 14, 2008

I had a pet trantula once but my snake I think ate him because my snake somehow got in the cage and my spider was never seen again

OMG... my new puppy loves spiders and has found one every time I have taken him into the woods. . . It tears me up when he brings them back to show me.

I remember when my brother was eating his breakfast and when he looked up there was a huge spider above his head!<br />
it was really funny

You are my favorite stalker.. feel free to stalk away.

Oh yes I hate them. I have an annual contract. LOL

Hahahahahah.Wow You really do hate spiders!

HEHE now I am thinking of spiders...OMG it is a HUGE spider too. lol

Think not of spiders, think not of spiders, think not of spiders....