I Cannot Change

I don't like spiders. If I see one in a room, I look for it in that room even though it has long since been removed, either peacefully or through a murderous intervention... If I have to kill a spider, I have nightmares that they come back wanting to know why I had perpetrated this sin against them. I saw a spider one time when I got a tarot card reading from an old lady at a Renaissance Festival. He crawled up the wall out of nowhere as soon as I sat down and when I got up to leave, he tried to follow me. I stopped and turned around and I told he better not even dare because I would squish him, and he turned and went the other direction. But I know he understood my words and if I had not said what I did, he would have attached to me... not physically, but his presence, which I felt to be evil.

Creepy...huh... I mean I know they are part of God's great creation and I really want to treat them with respect, even if we don't get together for tea and cookies and stuff... but I just can't do it. I hope there are no spiders in heaven.
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May 20, 2012