Dropping In.

I hate it when spiders drop down from the ceiling and get all up in my face. I live on the ground floor of our apartment complex and right outside our front door is a nasty shrub bush. I guess the only thing is it provides privacy but all plants are a magnet for spiders. Last weekend, my husband asked me to take out the garbage and once I opened the door, a spider dropped down in my face and I leaped back and screamed. It landed on the floor and I told my husband that a spider is on the carpet. I opened the door more and he yells, "close the door! I'm in my underwear!" I closed the door and the spider crawls closer to me. I ran in the room and my husband walks up to it and slams his foot down. He smashed it with his bare feet. The next evening I was washing a bowl and another spider drops down from the ceiling. I dropped the bowl and ran out of there. This is getting old. My next apartment is going to be upstairs!
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Jun 20, 2012