Eeeeewwww...I Hate Spiders!

I just slipped on my new shoes, which were sitting in the middle of the living room floor. My new puppy has chewed up all the other ones, and I'm obviously a slow learner, cause there they were, right within reach! Anyway, so I slip on my new shoes to step outside, and it feels like there's a little pebble in there. I keep trying to kick it out, yet it remained there. Did this 3 or 4 times. Finally, I picked up the shoe to dump out the pebble & a HUGE spider goes running across the floor! EEEEEEEEEK! Spiders are my one stupid phobia! How did he survive all of the foot action? Gonna have to fire the darn cats...they're supposed to be controlling the creepy population. One day I may learn to not leave my shoes on the floor.

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1 Response Jul 5, 2008

LOL i don't mind spiders but i have to say i wouldn't want one in my shoe