I Am Terrified!

The other night my kitty was looking up at the ceiling...her head kept moving..like she was following something. I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see what she was making a fuss over. I get closer and I see something scurry across the ceiling... It was white..so it blended in. I ran to get the vacuum..filled with fear and anxiety. Screaming. I turn the vacuum upside down and try to suck up the white spider...Ewwww. lol It took me a few times...because I was shaking. I put the whole vacuum outside after I got it. My vacuum is clear, so you can see everything you suck up...Ewww I saw it crawling around...All it's legs..and eyes..Even though I knew it couldn't get out, I was still SCARED! I'm still paranoid... I keep thinking I'm seeing something move out of the corner of my eye. ;(

Ahh I think I may have Arachnophobia!

  When I was younger, I loved spiders. I was so brave..I would play with the "daddy long-legs" ...I thought they were interesting, never frightening. I don't know where all my courage went. I used to "pet" bees...that's right "pet" bees...they were actually furry. LMAO

Ohhh just to look at spider pics...gives me the creeps! I have NO idea how people keep them as pets.. OMG

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It IS Sage!!! It's horror enough when you can see a black one... But just knowing that a camouglaging spider could be dangling above your head right now.... CREEPY CRAWLY.... !!!!

A white spider that blends in with the celing? The horror... The horror....

Your such a girlie girl! lol See if I was really there with you, I'd "pretend" like I wasn't scared.. <br />
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I like to creep you out.. it's fun.. :D<br />
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*does the itsy bitsy spider with my finger tips to your neck*<br />
Just take a look at the spideyy pics.. heebie jeebies!! ;)

haha Are you laughin' at me Kindal? I would kill one for you!! haha with a VERY long loooong ob<x>ject! LOL <br />
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haha That is why I put the vacuum outside!! heehee :) Have you ever saw one die? All their legs curl up... ewww Just discusting, like you said. ;)

Oh NO! Not the "brown recluse" I've heard and read about those...Oh my goodness, you are braver than I am! I couldn't imagine one biting me, I would absolutely die! I don't like any spiders in the house.. I wouldn't be able to keep a Wolf spider...Ew., they ALL creep me out. Just the thought is enough to make me paranoid and give me chills. <br />
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I will let you come to my house to kill all the spiders here! It gets worse this time of year, they all are trying to come in...and in the winter. *Willie Nillies*<br />
Thanks for commenting and sharing your story! ;D

YOU 'think' you hate these creatures. Well I have been bitten twice both times in the month of July, on the same arm, by the brown recluse. OR some people call them the fiddle back spider. Now those dudes can do some real damage, and if you are ever bit, you will know it, as they have a sickening stinking burn. I am not afraid of them, but I am out to kill them dead for what they did to me, and how they made me suffer. Non poisonous spiders, do not bother me, unless I look down and one is just sitting on me with out me knowing it. THEN he or she will get killed for that automatically. I allow the Wolf Spider to live in my house as they are well know to eat the brown recluse. Many people catch the Wolf Spider and let them go inside their attics for that very purpose. The Wolf Spider is big and ugly but harmless to humans. I love the fact the love to eat the brown recluse.