Spider Photo Shoot

I wrote a story once that needed an illustration that had Tarantulas.

I caught a bunch of them and asked my daughters to be the "spider wranglers" for the photo shoot.They all said "HELL NO"!

I had to try and keep the spiders within lense range myself.Before I knew it,they were crawling up my leg!I squirmed when I felt their hairy legs on my skin,but I gritted my teeth and continued photographing them.The photos turned out great...but I STILL hate spiders.I have seen the nastiest spider bites on people.The Brown Recluse can put a real hurt on you as can the Black Widow.

Check out the photos I have posted to this group.These are some of the photos from the photo shoot.

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3 Responses Nov 7, 2007

My stepdaughter is absolutely hysterically frightened of spiders. I am not afraid of them, but respect them. Sometimes I "keep" one as a pet. Like the one that made a marvellous cobweb sculpture in a dining room window. Sometimes its home looked like a castle, sometimes a ship. It had little tunnels through it, and gossamer rooms. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it until the spider finally died. Then there is the small white spider with a pink head that lives in one of my rose bushes. It comes back every year - at least, I think it's the same one. How long do spiders live, anyway?

Tarantulas for example can live up to 30 years

maureenb.....<br />
I was just wrapped up with trying to get good photos for story illustrations....<br />
and I have always been brave....and STUPID! hwheheh

Oh Crap peace! How could you have let them crewl on you. That's bravery. I know people that have been bitten by both as they are our toxic spiders here too.I'm going to write another yucky experience with them soon.