Grey's Anatomy.

Where I live, Grey's Anatomy series three is only being shown now. It's over in America!! so, that means that spoilers are easy to come across everywhere!! online, on american news channels we get over here.. and I hate it!

My friend though he was being great, informming me of the ending to series three. And I have to say, I nearly cried. And not because of WHAT i found out. It was because I FOUND OUT!!!!!! i hate it!! i cant even go onto wikipedia to look up Grey's Anatomy without finding out a ton of things i didn't want to know YET! that's why I love Lost. It only shows a few days earlier in America than it does here.

Spoilers ruin the amazing moments that are directed to take place beautifully in tv shows and movies. I HATE SPOILERS.
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I watch very few movies or TV shows, but if I did, I would hate them too.