I Feel Like I'm From Another Planet For Not Liking Sports

Or at least I do when I have to deal with some of the rabid fanatics for it.

Where I live there are people who have three interests and three only, sports, sports and if they have time sports. At work I will be asked a question like “so who are you for in The Game this week end?” and you can indeed hear the caps, assuming I know who is playing and my whole life like there's revolves around it's outcome.

Anything other than a enthusiastic response for one side or the other leads them giving me a look as if I just said I don't eat food, of need to breath air, an impossibility.

They simply can't understand anyone not being all about The Game. They then either assume I'm for the EVIL team (the one there are not for) and am just afraid to say so, or they just refuse to believe what I said and repeat the question.

Some sort of really dull cult is all I can figure.

Being from the American South I have at time found I have to tell an outright lie just to keep things from getting really ugly.

“I follow hockey” or baseball I'll say. In the deep south that being as close as I can get to saying I don't care about sports since to them “Sports” is football or NASCAR.

The worse is during the annual “Iron Bowl” (I live in Alabama) which features a game between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. I went to neither school and so could not care less, but for GAWD sake DON'T say that out loud, there are some I think would really murder you while others cheered if you were to speak that out loud.

Large numbers of people seem to truly loose their minds during the build-up and aftermath to this game.

But I guess that's pretty common, I mean look at the riots and death threats as a results of the revelation of child rape taking place, and ignored for years as it was happening and known about at Penn State.

Where the riots over the coverup? No, where the death threats leveled at the rapist? No, they were aimed at the person who blow the whistle! How DARE he!

Sad sick world.
GulliverArkham GulliverArkham
Nov 20, 2011