I Hate Sports And The Idiots Who Watch Them!

I have been shunned since I was a kid because not only do I suck at sports, but I just dont understand what is so great about it. I just can't understandwhy people get so nasty with me for speaking my mind about it. I work with a bunch of idiots who drink beer and watch football. Needless to say, I am an outcast. I remember when my managers organized an event where we were all going to a Giants game. I declined along with a few other people. My boss was almost in tears because not very many people wanted to go. He asked me why I refused to go and I told him I hate sports, especially baseball. He chewed me out. Oh well.
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

The idiots who watch them are worse than the people who play them. Get a life.

hahaha sports are amazing, only people that are glued to the tv or computer would agree with you

Says the "NERD" ... Absolute idiots like you love sports because you are so ******* stupid. Every monkey in this world can do sports

I know exactly what you mean, but my situation is a little different. I am a tall, athletically built man, who has absolutely no interest in sports whatsoever. I believe in eating right and exercise as a healthy lifestyle choice, but I have no use for sports. When people look at me, they assume I am a sports guy because of how I look. I am an artist, I write, read, and play in a band. My workplace is male dominated, and the biggest sports obsession right now is UFC. Whenever someone asks me "Did you see the fight between so and so?" my response is always: "God no, I'm straight." and then I go into a diatribe of why I think you'd have to be gay to watch a bunch of sweaty half naked men beat on each other. The looks I get are priceless. I should also clarify, I am in no way homophobic, but most of the guys I work with are, and boy do they get uptight when I suggest they are gay. It's quite entertaining.

i have no idea i was never good at the sports others liked<br />
buti have always like racing started with drag raceing about 10 years old<br />
then my gf/wife grandfather took us racing his type midget cars and we both feel in love with it we did it from 8 th grade throught high school and we had a great time racing and rubbing the sorness away afterwards but she was killed at 19<br />
<br />
other sports to me are ba<x>se jumping for a long time i loved it but i think i also had a death wish also love diving hold both tech and rec tags