My Favorite Childhood Sports Story

When I was in fourth grade, I was forced to play a game of flag football in school, (american football that is). It was my turn to kick off, now my lack of love for sports translates to my lack of skill in sports, so I make a run towards the ball. Worried I was going to kick the student holding the ball up, I only focused on hitting the ball, not where I was aiming. Obviously I made contact, and luckily it went in the right direction. The ball did not make a stunning distance over the opposing team's heads, instead it rolled, lopsided. It was going fast but on the ground, easily catch-able, as everyone was trying to catch the little bugger. Here is where it get's interesting. The way it was rotating, it managed to hit a pocket or rock and shot up towards the opposing teams quarterback's face. In retrospect I feel bad, but at the time I thought, "Ha, that's what you guys get for wanting to play this stupid game."
perpetualcynicism perpetualcynicism
26-30, M
Sep 21, 2012