"you Catch The Game?"

The most boring and irritating words in the English language are in the title of this little rant.  Or the assumption, especially because I'm a guy, that I'm into sports, that I automatically know which teams are playing, know the rules of each game and even when I say that I'm not into it, I still get a full rundown of the proceedings the day/night before.  I don't walk around assuming that everyone read the books I've read, or seen the plays and movies I have.  No, I certainly wouldn't ever assume that!  But grown men and women (especially men) sitting on their fat overfed drunk ***** watching other obsessed men and women compete with balls and some of the gayest looking costumes (I'm gay, I can say this) I've ever seen.  Except golf, which anyone with eyes can see got hit with the real ugly stick in the fashion department. It is quite often violent, mean spirited, overpaid to people with just one talent while other deserving humans go hungry, all aid to the frustration.  But, overall, I don't care about sports, don't assume that I do, I'm gay, but that's no excuse for feeling this way because there are plenty of gay people in sports and who watch sports.  Bottom line: stop assuming things about each other.  Oh, and get off your *** and get some exercise instead of watching others do it and living vicariously through them.  Also, stop acting like sports people are "heroes" and "role models" for the children.  Like hell they are!

pervfrk pervfrk
56-60, M
Feb 10, 2010