Or Rather Stairs Hate Me!

I always seem to trip up on them or miss my footing. Once I went on this date with a bloke to the cinema tripped up and slid down the stairs on my belly I had a huge carpet burn on my stomach and then when I stood up my trousers were open. Needless to say, he didn't ring me again. I am convinced that my ultimate 'down - fall' will involve some stairs.
RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
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4 Responses Nov 3, 2007

I actually had another stair incident the other week, I slipped at home and went down on my bum, had a lovely bruise for a while, I think I am just doomed. Down with Evil stairs!!!

Stairs are evil LOL :P

And here's me thinking I was alone with this. I do the rail thing too. Thanks for your comment.

LMAO he he im so sorry but that mad me howl....and i feel that as a kindred spirit im allowed to laugh.<br />
I hold onto the rail like my life depends on it, then i think about all the hands that have gripped that rail and wonder if its ever washed eeewww. Yes i definately hate stairs and escalators aint much better!