Starbucks Is Nothing But Snobby Attitude And High Prices.

I have a very good friend who is an avid drinker of Starbucks coffee. I see him every once in awhile when we might handout during a Saturday or something. He loves drinking a lot of coffee everyday. I like coffee but I don't drink it everyday. I do it more like once a week or so. Anyway, usually during times where we hangout we might end up going to Starbucks so he can get something to drink. I dislike Starbucks for their snobbish small, medium, and large terminology. Venti, Grande, hey, how about. Wcalling sizes small, medium or large? What about the snobby names for their drinks? Its crazy all those stupid names for drinks. When it is all for the atmosphere. That isn't even taking into account the time it takes for the baristas to make the drink you've order. A couple years ago their quality control at Starbucks was so bad they shut down the chain for a day or two so they could reteach how to make the drinks correctly. My friend will swear till his last breath he isn't into appearences and generally I would agree with him but he is a Starbucks snob I think in the worst order because he goes so far as to requesting his coffee to be brewed at a specific temperature. Yes, tthey will do that for you if you request that to be done. Notice how I have stated all this issues before I comment on the most crazy thing in Starbucks and that is the crazy high prices, and for what? The experience of being a pompous *** acting as if your fecal matter doesn't smell as you drink you free range, hoyty toyty, high falutant, snobby, stupid coffee.
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Same here. I go once in a while and only for their green tea latte. Seriously, it's cheaper if I just buy matcha and make it myself, but Ms. Lazy here don't wanna. Strange..yet I brew my coffee everyday, lol

I like coffee but cutting it down, I'd only use Starbucks occasionally

Hahahahaha great story. I like the refresher drinks. It does soun a little goofy though!

i would not want to offend Ur friend but i think the word were all seeing in Ur mind is pretentious, it's a little sad in how needy some of us R, and i'm sure Ur friend has a friend and also i'm sure it has been noted.

dutch bros is way better coffee and cost less.i wish theay would get bigger and put starbucks out of buisness! and ive heard about that when theay sid theay dont support our troops to wtf grrrrr i hate starbucks