There Is No Such Thing As Eternal Ugliness!

I hate A LOT of stereotypes. Whether they're racist, sexist, about retardation, or (the worst) ugliness. My classmates say that I'm ugly. I can't say they're wrong. But they don't know that ugliness fades. And if I keep going down the decent path that I'm already on, I'll prove them wrong; I'll get married, have three children, and get two great jobs (as a Manga artist and a nurse). And I, myself, don't think I'm 100% ugly. I think I'm somewhat attractive. But I'll give it time. Only certain things happen overnight.
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

that"s the spirit except i don't want u to be a manga artist i want u to be at ghibly studio or me or anybody kind and well oriented....<br />
*everybody is beautiful when they smile <br />
so make yourself beautiful <br />
everything will just come by

You arn't ugly, I don't care what anyone says.<br />
Your beautiful in everyway :]

Hello....I have learned that people can be really hurtful and they are having a good time watching you get upset. So what I did was I laughed with them then after a while they dont get a kick out of seeing you get upset and they go on to someone else..The thing you have to try is laughing with them... I wish you all the luck and you will meet someone who will love you for who you are..Anto815