Dont Put Me Down!

I dont want you to put me down cus im gay, im a furry, and im emo. Alot of peopple say im nasty cause im gay. They taik one look at me and think i had sex with a woman. They dont know that im still a vergeon. And I hait premaritabl sex. The farthest i've gon was just maiking out. Not all gays have sex with 60 different men or wemon. Or both. Peopple look at me and say I hait God cus im emo. But God saved me why should i hait him. He died on the cross for us. How can you hait him. Some one walked up to me and said im going to hell. Beleve it or not alot of gays worship God. they want ot kill themselves cus they feal thaey have failed God. So you see dont put me down just caus im gay, emo, and a furry. I love God and life.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2011

I'm a Christian heterosexual and I don't hate you. I understand just how hard it must be for you to be so misunderstood and misjudged. All kinds of different people have faced similar hardships. People assume, judge, hate and talk about you for what they think, assume and for what they heard you are. Don't concern yourself with them so much. That's life. People will continue to do these hateful things if they think they're getting to you. Become like a duck, rain just runs off you're back. After all, if if weren't for this, it would be for something else. Life.

My friend,u shudn't be ashamed of the things u say n feel coz dats d way u r and no matter wat,u r unquie n gud in ur own ways n nothing can replace ur identity.

hey,don't listen to people your sexuality is no more of a choice than the colour of your skin or what hand u write with.

Absolutely 100% true!