Embarrassing Myself As Usual!

I first suspected I needed glasses when I couldn't see the Math problems on the overhead projector in class. Even at the front I was squinting to see and I still couldn't see that well. I was in denial though because I did not want to wear glasses. I eventually gave in because I was not going to be able to learn to drive without them. They tested my eyesight and I was found out! A few embarrassing moments also forced me to make the final decision to get glasses. First off I would wave and smile to anyone who honked their horn at me assuming that if they are honking, it must be a friend or a neighbor, and since I couldn't see them properly it would be easier to just wave! Boy was I wrong. Almost got myself in trouble a couple of times doing that!! The straw that broke the camels back though was when I was leaving the office late one night it was dark and I was waiting for the bus. I saw the bus coming and put my hand out to stop it. I started to get really mad as I realized that it wasn't slowing down and had no intention of stopping for me. Until it got close enough for me to realize that it was an ambulance not a bus! Vanity would have to take a back seat!! So I gave in and got glasses, not that I wore them much. I wore them for driving and around the house only and occasionally to the office. I remember being in awe at how clear everything was and being able to see the bus coming for half a mile down the street. Oh yes and there was no more waving to perverts that I didn't know !!! Now I wear contacts and only wear my glasses at night when studying. Recently at an eye appointment the optician told me that my eyes were not 'happy' That I would have to wear my glasses more to let more oxygen get to my eyes. So I wear them to drop off the kids at school and weekends until my permeable lenses come in. I am thinking of wearing them to my Math class at college one day! We'll see. My husband thinks they look hot! Maybe he should wear them then ?
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I'm an Optician and proud to say that glasses are much more fashionable and socially acceptable than when you were a young girl. The not "happy" eyes can turn into blood vessels growing into your cornea and permanently impeding your vision. Take good care of your eyes and balance your glasses and contacts evenly. You're eyes will thank you and your husband will enjoy your sexy alter ego.

Thank you Dr. I will take your advice !

LOL glasses are hot on the right face. Maybe, just maybe, your hubby sees something that you don't see. ((sorry I had to say it that way.)) Anyhow, glasses are very fashionable and maybe you can move up to contacts in the future if you are insecure about it.