Stereo Type: "alpha Males"

I hate it when people judge other people - based on race, ethnicity, religion etc... I thought I was so "righteous" in the this area.
I hated that some people bought into those Stereo Types... But a couple a years ago I learned that I too am guilty of doing the same thing..

But first I have to give you back story...

This was back when i worked as a "maintenance woman" at a Resort, one day I was tasked to switch out the Giant Dumpster from underneath the trash shoot by myself. This is usually a two person job, but I was the only one there at the moment and it was overflowing with trash. Getting it out was easy, but putting the empty one back in was another story. The side walk was right where the trash shoot was, we had to use this beat up metal ramp to get the dumpster in an out. But when I tried to push it back in, one of the wheels always kept catching the side walk or one of them would come off the ramp.

The Resort Housekeeping manager and the General Manager came outside to smoke and  "shoot the breeze". Every so often they'd look my way. I was starting to get a little "peeved" because they saw me struggling trying to get that damn dumpster up that piece of **** ramp, and they never asked me if I needed help. At one point I call them over to help me, but they were acting like they couldn't hear me (Seriously, they were "acting" like they couldn't hear me standing 20feet away). But this next part of my story surprised me - and this was when I realized I was one of those people who bought into the Stereo Types.

A group of 4 Guys were coming in from the parking garage, now these guys (to me at that time) looked like those Frat Boys / Alpha Males /Big Jocks / *******-Bullies / Ambercrombie and fitch wearing guys - or also known as "BROS". When I saw  them coming I was thinking "Great - now these **** heads are going to walk by and joke me". 

Boy was I wrong - Dead Wrong. These 4 Awesome Guys saw me struggling, came right over - told me to get out of the way and started to push the dumpster back into the trash shoot for me. I tried to tell them they didn't have to do that, they were the guests at the Resort - They told "We got it, its no problem - we're happy to help". After this exchange,  I look over to my Managers and they had this weird look on their faces ( Im still not sure if it was anger or shame). They put out their 2nd cigerattes and went directly inside of the building after this. 

I thanked those Guys for helping, and as they walked away I did some self reflecting.
I was just like those people I Hate. I Judged those Guys based off their appearance - now it wasn't because of their skin color or religion affiliation - But I had judged them just the same.  Im thankful to those Guys, not just for helping me that day but reminding me "Never Judge a book by its cover".
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