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They Stop Me From Taking Chances...

I would always watch movies and see people in high school making fun of each other and seeing all these cliques. And now I'm in Middle School. I'll be an 8th grader next year (last year in Middle School). I was in elementary school last year (6th grade) because our district went up to 6th grade. But in my middle school,it's 6-8 grade so I started right in the middle. I was new this year and was scared about the things I'd see on TV. I felt that if I just stayed in the background,made a few friends I could sit with at lunch, and get good grades then maybe I could avoid having negative attention drawn to me. But now I've realized that being in the background doesn't draw negative attention,but it doesn't draw any positive attention either. Some people from my class don't even know my name (and there's only 2 months of school left!!!). I know it's too late to really change anything at this point,mostly because right now i have to focus on CST's and finals. But,next year,I want to stop being so scared. I've realized that the stereotypes aren't very true but that may just be because I don't really hang out with the "cool kids" and everyone so I wouldn't know if they're mean or not. I want to run for school council next year, but I'm worried. I've wanted to for a long time. I was too scared in elementary school and now I'm in Middle School. I'll be an 8th grader next year and I would love to run for School President or VP or anything. I don't know why but I feel like I can help/change the school and you can't really be heard unless you are popular or in a high position like that. I'm scared of what people might think of me. What if I make my speech and then people think I'm so stupid? What if people make fun of me if I lose? But I also wonder...what if I get elected? Won't I be proud and happy? Will I finally get a voice and help make a change? I want to do something memorable in school not just get through it. I want people to know who I am. What should I do?
MusicLuv2651 MusicLuv2651 18-21, F May 6, 2012

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