Stereotypes, Why?

Sometimes I don't like stereotypes, because really all they are are labels that make assumptions about groups of people. But as much as I say I hate stereotypes, we all use them from time to time, including myself. One thing I do try not to do is simply assume something about someone because of the way they dress, or who they hang out with or something like that. Like for example, I hate it how a girl who wears a short skirt or a girl who is skinny or whatever, is instantly labelled by others as "a ****" or "anorexic". It's so rude! And it happens to guys too. If a guy is nice to girls, or opens doors for girls he's automatically considered "whipped". WHY? It's insane. Or if you see a smart person, everybody calls them a "nerd", because they bring in all their homework, or like to read. I'm pretty sick of all the stereotypes, and I try to use them as little as possible. Sometimes it seems unavoidable, however....
estherann estherann
13-15, F
May 18, 2012