Do Not Read If You Are American, Asian, Maori, South African, a Celebrity, German Or French.


But I also love them, as a character, a stereotype gets the reader comfortable…and then when you break conventions with the stereotyped character it’s usually surprising. Stereotypes are fun to break.

Stereotypes are another symptom of Human ignorance; you cannot label a group of people as having a trait which blankets across their ‘type’. It’s always wrong. But here are some stereotypes I hear often.

All Americans are stupid.

The Chinese make poor drivers (Or , they always crash)

The Maori are all trying to get as much from the government as possible.

American sit-coms are funny

All celebrities are self-obsessed

All South Africans are racist

All German people sound funny

The French are pedantic about table manners

The Religious are all thick


The thing about stereotypes is that there is usually a grain of truth in them, the problem becomes when the anecdotal evidence is assumed to apply to ‘them’ all. We should never assume that any of these are true, there may be some truth…but those same truths will apply to other demographics just as easily. If we actively try not to generalise and instead value people on an individual basis, we might be on to something.

Oh, and we believe our stereo-types when we see confirmation, like if I see an Asian driver poorly navigating a car-park, I might feel that I have confirmed the stereotype as true…but if I see a European person driving like crap, I’ll probably forget it. We tend to notice when our beliefs seem validated.

What stereotypes can you think of?




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I'm Chinese I'm sorry I read it but I honestly don't care

Arabs are terrorists, and the women are oppressed sheep without voices, all Southerners are red necks, Americans are lazy, French are arrogant, Im sure I could think of more. Unfortunate.

I have some that were not mentioned yet.

Welshmen love to shag sheep.

All Americans have a gun fetish.

The Dutch are potheads.

All Chinese people are misogynists and demand sons.

All Japanese men are either tight-***** or otaku who love tenticle ****.

Everyone in the Southern US is a dumb redneck who watches NASCAR.

All Liberals are bleeding-heart hippies who support everything Obama does.

All Conservatives are racist bible-thumpers.

All women are neurotic and irrational.

Put that in your bong and smoke it (because pipes have fallen out of use, for the most part).

All asian men are hung like mice. Very definitely not true.

depression is a big sin, that what Greek priest tell you when you are depressed.

they think we are racist im good looking but im not racist

the one i h8 the most is about france always surrenndering but we did surrendered during ww2 withut a fight cause our leaders were corrupted *** and this is why we r pround of our gaul heritage they did loose to the romans but they put up a fight against a much more powerful enemy and we resisted against the Germans and this is what we are pround of Napoleon lost indeed...against a coalition of prussian brits and various other countries who he already beat once so again i am pround of my heritage and im pround to say my dad is a war hero my granfather dodged bullets to save wounded soldiers in Indochina and during his teenage years he was a resistant me family is either soldiers or doctors or both lol my bro is in the french marine paratroopers and im in my first medecine faculty year and trauma surgeon in the army is really appealing

everybody is a fool at least for sometime<br />
everybody hurt and got hurt sometime<br />
somebody dies all the time

You know by putting the title as: Don't Not Read If... etc..... you make Americans and Asians and so on WANT to read this.. XD just sayin' <br />
<br />
the content don't really bother me though-- only some....

All natives are alcoholics who drink lysol (brutal, but it's a stereotype)

Any boy who hangs out with girls most of the time is gay<br />
<br />
Every teen wants sex<br />
<br />
All athiests are evil<br />
<br />
lol, everything else i can think of, you guys already said....

Oh you silly Humans

It is a common belief in America that all other countries don't really exist.<br />
I'm Brazilian, so I must have a big butt.<br />
I'm black so I must love fried chicken and kool-aid.<br />
I hang out with gays, so I must be gay too.<br />
I'm a Negro so I must carry a gun.<br />
I'm Christian so I must hate homosexuals.<br />
I'm German, so I must be a Nazi.<br />
I'm Asian so I must be a nerd that does homework 24/7.<br />
I'm religious, so I must shove my beliefs down your throat.<br />
I'm an atheist, so I must hate the world.<br />
I'm Colombian, so I must be a drug dealer.<br />
I'm into theater & art, so I must be a homosexual.<br />
I'm Muslim so I must be covered up at all times.<br />
I dress in unusual ways so I must be looking for attention.<br />
I'm Indian, so I must own a convenient store.<br />
I don't have a religion, so I must be evil and have no morals.<br />
I'm Mexican, so I must have hopped the border.<br />
I'm rich, so I must be a conceited snob.<br />
I'm a guy, so I must only want to get into your pants.<br />
I'm native American, so I must dance around a fire screaming like a savage.<br />
I have a bunch of girls who are friends, so I must be gay.<br />
I'm Cuban, so I must spend my spare time rolling cigars.<br />
I'm young, so I must be naive.<br />
Nepal is the only country that isn't circumcised.<br />
I'm Jamaican so I must smoke weed.<br />
I'm Asian so I must have a small penis.<br />
I'm Arab, so I must be a terrorist.<br />
I dye my hair crazy colors, so I must be looking for attention.<br />
I have straight A's, so I must have no social life.<br />
All Italians are in the mob.<br />
All Irishmen do are drink and beat their wives.<br />
All black people are on welfare.<br />
I'm gorgeous, so I must not be a virgin.<br />
I'm blonde, so I must be a stupid ditz.<br />
I'm a lesbian, so I must have a sex-tape.<br />
I speak my mind, so I must be a *****.<br />
I'm a girl who actually eats lunch, so I must be fat.<br />
I have a bunch of guy friends, so I must be doing them all.<br />
I wear skirts a lot, so I must be a ****.<br />
I'm a cheerleader, so I must be a *****.<br />
I fell in love with a married man, so I must be a home-wrecking *****.<br />
I'm a teenage mom, so I must be an irresponsible ****.<br />
I have big boobs, so I must be a hoe.<br />
I'm a virgin so I must be prude.<br />
I'm skinny, so I must be anorexic.<br />
All black women have three children by three different guys.<br />
All Indians own dairys<br />
All Asians own fish and chip shops

I'm young, so I must be naive.
That one spoke to me on a personal level....

Stereotypes generally propagate personal truths. We see one confirmation of a stereotype and we lock on and smile, perhaps save the memory to pass on to friends and relatives (Further infecting others with personal truths) and the pattern repeats. <br />
I think that If we see something not stereotyped then we are not so attentive nor are we likely to remember it so well.<br />
Stereotypes are more memorable- that does not mean they are the rule. <br />
A cultural connection? We like to gossip about 'the others' and we like to imagine a segregation based on clear and stereotypical behaviors. We are so silly.

Where do suppose many of these stereotypes come from? They must have some basis in truth.

well i just think you should keep your thoughts to yourself. your so ignorant and stupid. its people like you that make me so mad. talk about yourself not other people. and if you want to, do it in your brain if you even have one.

I understand how you feel completly. A lot of the people around me are very stereotypical about things. Not only about situtaitons about race but also the type of clothing people wear. For example: People atomatically assume if you wear all black and chains that you are a bad person, Emo, hate life, and etc. I happen to know some people who dress like so actually care about school and are alot nicer than some people who dress in name brand. First impressions maybe important but I think that people should judge each other by the way they act not by they way they look or dress. If the world lived by this rule a lot of the problems in this world would disappear

grrr WERE NOT RACIST ! .. *lol* .. soz .. i jus had to read it coz it sed dont read it *LOLOLOL*<br />
<br />
no im not relly angry .. nor racist *lol* ;)<br />
<br />
mm .. generalisations .. its cool to break thru, but dagnabit sum ppl r jus lank walled up ..<br />
<br />
growing up i grew up id say racist, but like as time n life continued, i realised these feelings i have, r most def not mine, i dont agree with the way i felt towards issues of race, so i had to rid of it within myself, by myself and for myself, next stop president ! ;)

I liked your comment but I especially liked your use of the word "Dagnabit" lol - I haven't heard this word used since me childhood - I think I'll start using this word again - Thank you. =D

wakakakaka . its terable . i do say dagnabit .. but as i drink i start using more commonly known .. colourful language .. xP

i say dagnabit now, and have gotten a few co-workers to say it too! =)

lol . id hav to type more wakakaakakka-z xD lol . it is quite crayzee when i hear others use dagnabit too . very few do . but some dont seem surprised if i say it xD . some people are like "whaaat?" .. lol xD

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Think also of the disservice it does to your own mind. Now your mind is closed, now you won`t be able to see the person in front of you at all. You certainly won`t be able to get to know them. Now they are invisible as individuals because they've been put into a box. Open the lid. It doesn't belong to Pandora.

That's what i'm sayin... glad you can see that

I agree!<br />
Any system that encourages an Us-Vs.-Them mindset should be eliminated. If I hear someone generalise I'm always quick to nit-pick... It's my little way of making a better world.<br />
So when you find yourself grouping people in your mind, people you’ve never met. STOP.<br />
Not you Meggers, I’m talking to EVERYONE ELSE.