I Hate Giving Them...

But I don't mind getting them. When I give store cards I always feel like it's some sort of cop-out. They never say the thing that I want to convey. I like blank cards where I don't have to modify or try (lamely) to enhance what they say. I don't have a talent for drawing or painting, so the blank cards with the right artwork can be so much more personal and real. I like to have my message clean...my words and thoughts.
Receiving store cards is different though. I always feel like the sentiment conveyed is special. To me, it's like the person giving the card spent time reading and choosing the right one for me. I read the message and take it personally...in a good way.
Why is that?
BozoBuckets BozoBuckets
51-55, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

If sending/ giving a " store card," if you write a sentiment straight from you heart, it counts. If you write a blank card, it counts 10 times more, methinks. Does it even seem special to you if the person just signs their name? Just curious...

Not especially, but just the fact they thought of me is a nice sentiment.

Yeah, just the fact that they bought a card, oh! And a stamp, and mailed something to you makes for a nice day, doesn't it?