Married Or Not Here They Come

I have a friend from high school that makes me bonkers! She got knocked up by this guy 2xs.He cannot hold a job and take care of them.She is trying to become a school teacher.She is not working.She just goes to school.Her mom takes care of the money part.She lives with her mom.Her mom wont allow him to live there.He sleeps where he can.It never lasts long.She calls him her husband.They are not really married.On a profile of his it says "single".He treats her like crap.She says he is upset because he cannot get a job.He tells her there are no jobs.A friend hired him to work in her bar and he never showed up for his first day of work.I dont talk to her much.Its all my husband this and that.I get fed up and ask her if I missed the wedding.She says its common law.I showed her the law in Texas where there is no real common law.You still have to fill out a paper saying you are married.I wanted to know if common law was in Texas as much as she talks about it.My fav is when she says they cannot afford to get married.Then why say you are?She says they want to "do it right".Should have thought about that before you let him have it.She use to say she was going to wait til her wedding night.She use to tell me I was wrong for having sex before I was wed.Oh! I forgot the best part...she goes to church every time the doors are open.She tells people they should learn about Jesus.What?! Dont forget to remove that plank my dear.You'll be able to see better.I know I am not perfect.Far from it.I just think she is getting used my this jurk off and wasting her time.She could have a real man and her own home by now if it was not for that slim ball in the way of her having a real life.
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

i wouldn't worry about it if it hadn't been that slime ball it would have been something else to derail her or anyones life <br />
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i know because i am a college graduate with other training who can't get a job, who wants to learn more skills but there is nowhere to do so and the $ for it is not there <br />
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and many college grads come out working minumum wage