Seriously!? I Know Bums Smarter Than This Chick

Im not sure if were allowed to curse on this things so i wont.
but if i could believe me, id have a list bigger than a 4 year olds
chrismas list in haiti lol
Back to the story though, im a foster "child" and ive been in the
house that im in for awhile. Recently we took in this 18 year old
girl who just had her baby about 3 months ago. At first it was tolerable,
but as time progressed just hearing her voice makes me pity the baby
for having an idiot for a mother. She usually dissapears for the weekends
and always wants others to take care of her baby. I do sometimes so it can
listen to a regular conversation that doesnt involve 4 "niggaz" and her constantly calling
other people dumb. (shes 18 in 10th grade) Where does she deserve to say
these things? Im positive her I.Q is around 90 or something. I enjoy
this site so much. I cant tell her these things because the foster mother
protects her. She also does something else that really, really bothers me.
All the time i have friends over or throwing a party she want to isolate me.
The last time my blood brother came to the party and told her off. It was awesome,
and the best part is that he just moved in with us yesterday lol Its gonna be hell
for awhile. But entertaining. Final thing i have to say is that she always boasts about
doing a whole 8 ball by herself when she goes out. Seriously?! Id be ashamed of that.
I smoke an drink an all but thats just idiotic, oh yeah. She cant even get beer from a keg!!!!!
It was a pump that we were using. How much more obvious can u get?
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1 Response Nov 23, 2010

I know that this is an old post and it's now a bit over 5 years however I feel I must answer as if I read it back then. First let me say that I hope the past 6 years have been good to you and your brother.

This girl you wrote about is obviously suffering from a low self-esteem and brags a lot to help her feel better about herself. You are correct to disbelieve her claims regarding the 8 ball simply because if she had, first of all, she would be so wigged out, if she could even be coherent. I do seriously doubt any of her stories and if she was so smart, she surely wouldn't have had a baby at 16. I really have a problem with babies raising babies and bringing a life in this world to care for when a person can't even care for themselves. It's nice of you to babysit for her but it's better to make her be responsible for her own baby. I'm surprised that your Foster Mom would allow her to stay out for the weekend. It's that kind of behavior that got her into the position she's in now and it's very likely she'll end up with 2 babies before she's 18, no one should watch her baby(ies) or anyone's baby unless they are willing to pay. I'm only speaking about those parents who are irresponsible.

Anyway, that's what I would have told you back then. My advice, in general, still stands. And it's not because I'm some old fuddy duddy, because I'm far from it. I'm very open-minded and give everyone benefits of any doubts I may have. What I am is a fair minded person, with common sense of what's fair and what's not.