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Oh How I Love Grocery Store Checkout Lines

I was at Krogers picking up a few things earlier and I was behind this dad and his about 4 year old son waiting to check out. I knew they were talking about me this is how their convo basically went.

Kid: Why doesn't that man have eyebrows
Dad: cause he's a loser
Kid: That's not a nice word
Dad: it is when you are talking about people who look like him don't go near people like that he looks disgusting why would people want to look like that I think he can hear us he probably cuts his wrists five times over as well

The whole time they were talking I was like unbelievable well plus I was starting to get angry with the guy I felt like saying something but I bit my tongue and just let it go

Rotny Rotny 26-30, M 5 Responses Apr 10, 2012

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I have never been to a Kroger. But I have seen them on television. They are exotic to me. I would have to assume that someone with no eyebrows is part of the Kroger experience. But then again, you know what they say " When you assume you make a **** of yourself."

His Dad sounds like a boring guy who copies everyone else.

We all start out innocent. It's "parents" like that, that have such bias opinions & speak to their children in that manner that turns them into monsters. Very sad.

I don't even get the connection between lack of eyebrows and cutting. Incident proves some people should not breed. Dear old Dad shoulda gotten a vas before the kid was created.

I would have said this: How embarrasing to show people how ignorant and inconsiderate you are teaching your child to be as ignorant as you. That poor boy will grow up to be an idiot like his dad. Dont pay attention man