Idiots Of Today

Let me begin by saying that this is in no way directed towards people with mental dissorders.

I'm 16 and I can't stand the people in the world today. I would even go as far as to say that I hate them, yes HATE them. Why you may ask? Well, for starters, they usually go under the title of "class clown". Don't get me wrong, I love a good laugh now and then, but when they interupt every single class with stupid comments, it's annoying. Not to mention that these people are also extremley disrespectful. For example: Say your teacher just got done explaining a project, and let's say this explaination took 30 minutes. These "idiots", as I so kindly put it, would be talking the whole time about pointless things, then as soon as the teacher is done talking, they shout out that they have no idea what the teacher was just saying. So then the teacher has to explain it all again, wasting time where as the students could have been working on the project already. Do you get my point? Stupid people, I hate stupid, ignorant, disrespectful people.
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Its called willful ignorance e.g "I know that so don't care anyhow" or plain f**king stupidity "duh, sorry sir what was that about who now, I was ************ " or maybe your everyday school class ******** d**khead " so who cares, your momma" <br />
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People with mental disorders, these people are is a disordered society structure, if its state education your talking about. Well locking 30 kids into classroom with multiple personalty conflicts and expect them to listen to an authority figure i.e teacher, please what a recipe for disaster.<br />
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My advice: Keep your notebook handy and take notes, the gist of what your teacher said will stick in your mind, you use the notes as a reminder later, just jot down the key bits. Your 16 minds in tip top condition, its when alcohol takes over its the problem. STAY SOBER :D<br />
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As for the retards, IGNORE THEM, if they wont ignore... a good slap works well and here's the great thing if the teacher likes you cos you learn something when they don't, chances are they won't even pay attention to it :D HOPE THIS HELPS<br />
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I know what you mean. And from the perspective of an "old lady", it won't necessarily get better for them. Some folks change, some stay the same. I work for a criminal court. I have to deal with people who act like morons and they never aged beyond 14 mentally, but they're age 25+. There are a lot of 40 year olds who live with their elderly parents, and Mom still makes their calls and pays their crime fines. I hate people who are disrespectful and willfully ignorant myself.