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Has anyone heard about the newest  "trend" in teenage stupidity? Drinking hand sanitizer! It's not a trend. It's called natural selection. In the wild, really dumb *** animals don't make it. Only the stronger and smarter of the species survive. Darwinism comes into effect when they do stupid enough ****  to take themselves out of the gene pool. This is a good thing. They do not need to reproduce. So when you see someone drinking sanitizer or huffing paint or any other brain cell and ***** count minimizing act. Just leave it be. Don't mess with mother nature. She knows what she's doing.
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I guess in the grand scheme of things it kind of makes sense. <br />
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Check out my rant on stupid people.<br />
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Thanks for the read and VERY PASSIONATE bit :D.

I can see that you hate too but as far as asking your BF, I cant I personally DNK who he is :D. documents those idiots who remove themselves from the human gene pool by creative self inflicted fatal stupidity. And honorable mentions for those who survive for a second attempt. :)