today I've come across with some idiots... And idiots really annoy me (especially today)

I live in Finland and we have quite a different system here compared to USA for example... And todays pet peeve with the idiots has been healthcare. We have a highish tax rate here, but all for a good reason. We have a very good healthcare system (although the pay for nurses is crap) it's basically free, you pretty much always get help (always if you have a physical ailment) and all this is basically due to the taxes we pay...

Well, the idiots... Today they've been complaining about the taxes (well who doesn't but anyway...) and the fact that their tax euros pay for these people whose illnesses are 'selfmade'? examples of these ailments were; anorexia & other eating disorders, alcoholism, depression, obesity, lung cancer etc...

I mean for f***s sake! People who require the most help wouldn't in their opinion be allowed to get it for free? I mean especially people with psychiatric problems who rarely have the strength to work and have trouble getting help in the first place! People can be so f***ing ignorant. My god I'm so angry now!!! They never even stop to think that you don't just wake up one day and decide that "oh, since everything is going so well in my life why don't I just become an alcoholic..." I wouldn't think that anyone would choose to have an illness... (obviously there's this one condition that makes you fake illnessess etc... can't remember the name of it...) And they never stop to think that maybe one day they themselves might get a disease and they'd have to rely on the healthcare system aswell... What would they do then? Just curl up and die, since there's no system left!

I do hope the system stays this way. Though now there's the right wing/conservative parties in charge so who knows what'll happen... They're so greedy! i just hope we never have the same expensive system like in the States... No offense to anyone!

Ah well... rant rant rant... At least I got to blow of some steam...
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Depression is self-inflicted? Hmmm. I think not. Lots of different causes and all with a biochemical basis. Faking illness is malingering. Imagining that you have an illness or illnesses is hypochondriasis.

I guess maybe they don't consider that all those fat alcoholics have probably paid their fair share of taxes.

Ah yes, the U.S. health care system...

actually, munchhausens is not when you fake an illness, its when you actually make yourself sick in an effort to gain attention for yourself. far more common though, is munchhausens by proxy, which usually manifests itself as a mother making her chid ill to gain public sympathy and attention.<br />
<br />
someone who just makes up illness or fakes them is best described simly as a liar.

ahh thank you :) that was it!

Munchhausen's disease, named for Baron von Munchhausen, who told tall tales.