I Still Keep Trying To Tell The World This ... I Hate Summer!!!

I Hate Summer!!!  Does the World Get Enough Statistics To Know Any Better? It maybe a Minority. But the Point is where can I go?

Yeah!  Summer officially began on June 21, 2010.  So the East Coast as of Now:  JULY TUESDAY 6, 2010 is seeing 100's + 103's +.

When I lived in Sacramento, California 103's was in APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER.  Somewhere in any of these months. Since then and all those years from 1979 - 2007 ... I hated that.  I moved to Aberdeen, Washington.  I thought New York always had Summer's in the 100's? I don't understand that?

Well anyway?  I hate the Clear Sky's and High Pressure Systems also.  I don't like Clear Sky's in the Winter either.  The Sun and Ice really makes Cold ... Cold! Sunny Winters would be the Winter times that I don't like.  The Cloudy Cold is more Awesome to me.

And I was Glad Aberdeen, Washington this Year Stayed Cloudy right up to the 4rth of July and Now Guess What?  The North West Coast Of The United States is Seeing its Highest In The Weather at this Time Also.  I hate the Dis-Accord Request for Summer that so many others try to Make.  I don't give a Damn for this Summer Weather. So now this Week In Aberdeen, Washington.  Not A Cloud In The Sky.  And Temperatures are going above 63 now.  I think the Highest Temperature since January to 4rth of July wasn't any Higher than 63.  We had (I think?) a few warm days back in March or/and April in the 70's, then it stayed mostly below 60 for all this rest of the time.  Now with this Annoying High Pressure System that is on me, the Forecast will be in the 80's for a Week.  80's is equivalent to 100 Degrees, when I hate high temperatures.  So with 80 Degrees, that will not be what I want to be out in.  Luckily, If I find it, like most cases here.  Keeping in my Shaded Apartment sleeping with the Air and Fans going on me.  It doesn't get much more than 76.  If Aberdeen, Gets 95 Degrees, than I have to put up with 80's in my Apartment.  I really Hate That!!!

The Media is a Nuisance!!!  I Don't Give a Damn About this Season ...  SUMMER!!! 

I like the Cloudy and 60 type Weather!!!

Yeah! Being An Alien and Not Like Others On This Planet Earth ... I happen to be .01% from 99.99% of those in Antithesis with me.
So what do I get from this? ...

"Oh! My! You Are Different!"

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Oh well, everybody doesn't like something...Hugs, LW