My Least Favorite Season

I hate breaking out in a sweat just walking to the mail-box, and driving around in 101 degree weather in my car that has no air conditioning. I hate being around those out-doorsy people that want to sit outside and “enjoy the sunshine” when its hot as s*** outside. I also hate the humidity too. I hate straightening my hair just to have it look like I stuck my finger in a socket ten minutes after walking outside. I also hate the bugs. Every year I see one that I haven’t seen before and they all seem to be getting bigger and bigger and more annoying. I hate that where I live summer lasts FOREVER and it doesn’t even start to get cool outside until mid November. Go away summer.

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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I REALLY feel for you. I used to live in Memphis where it is basically summer (by Canadian standards) 7 months of the year - April through October. It is HORRIBLE and nearly impossible to function in a normal way. My skin developed an adverse reaction to summer in Memphis and I have been dealing with it ever since. The moment it gets above 15C (~65F) my skin breaks out into an itchy, ugly, red, disgusting rash. I also get migraines from the seemingly endless hours of sunlight and I can't ever sleep because some $&*^hole always seems to make noise with a leaf blower or lawn mower or whatever. And not to mention the noisy *&%$ing motorbikes. UGH it makes me so bitter. Now I live in Holland and it has thankfully been a rather rainy and cool summer, but we have days (like today) of 23C (75F) and sunny that make me horribly depressed while I itch and scratch all day. C'mon Fall.... if we have an Indian Summer, I might just lose it :(

everything you wrote is exactly what i think too. humidity, bugs, that *pressure* to go outside and "enjoy the sunshine"..... ARGHHH. i would get annoyed but its 80% humidity && i feel like im being smothered with a washcloth. no energy to do anything. yay summer....

Don't you wish there was a way to hibernate through summer :P