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I'm Not Made Of Money!

I would enjoy summer if I had a pool, boat, camper, beautiful wardrobe and could travel to water parks, amusement parks, zoo, etc. Alas, I'm relegated by my income to hot, dirty parks or staying inside with A/C.........which I'm grateful for! Draw the drapes, Jeeves.
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Imagine if you didn't have the AC! That is how we were in our first home here and it gets mighty hot in summer. It's never much fun when there's little spare cash, but that's only because you know what's out there. When I am feeling poor, I think of what it would be like to spend summer on the streets of Calcutta, and go out and explore the natural environment.

Don't let the world shut you in. The world is out there waiting for you. I'm sure you can drive a short distance from where you are, park and find a tree to sit under and wonder how many leaves it has. Your mind can be your zoo. Imagine what the clouds above are trying to tell you! Wonder where the wind that caresses your face was a day ago. Life is lived inside our jelly like bodies which don't require wardrobes unless you are shy. There is great food hiding in a diner somewhere close to you waiting for you to find it. Explore your world! It's really exciting!!

Must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that, they used to say.