The 10 Months of Summer

Where I live January and February are the only cool months of the year. The other 10 months are called summer.

I hate summer. I hate being hot. I hate sweating. I hate humidity.

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Haha #TropicalCountryProblems?

Well ... You could do worse and try living here in the UK ?<br />
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We hardly have *any* Summer. Summer is an unpredictable affair in this part of the world. I would suggest that you would be stating the opposite of what you do here if you lived in the UK; I assure you, this last four days has been cold and it's been pouring down rain on top of that.<br />
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I think the US measures heat Fahrenheit whilst we measure in Celcius. So, to give you an idea, it's been 15 degrees Celsius / 59 degrees Fahrenheit here today, pouring with rain, dark, damp and miserable. How would you fance that for (wjat is now) our peak Summer time? ... LOL<br />
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Sorry knightwhispers but I disagree totally. You use the word miserable for the weather you have described - I consider it life-giving, renewing and full of promise. Funny how we see the same things with diametrically opposing views. Only when October has come can I start to breathe; I then have to grit my teeth from April onwards while listening to the slack-jawed morons at the Met Office wax lyrical about the wonder of heat and summer. Idiots.

Yes, it is amazing how we differ in our opinions. I am totally aware of the Seasons and I know why we have them, as I am aware the same Seasons work differently throughout the world so it's more a case of the balance we each live with. Not sure about your comments regarding 'April onwards ... wonder of heat and Summer'. I think we had different Summers, you and I. Mean UK Temp's (Celsius) for 2011: April: 10.07, May: 11.00, June: 12.07, July: 14.02, August: 14.01. But, as you say, horses for courses :)

I 'm not keen either, i love the brightness and the colours and flowers but i hate the sweaty bum when im driving.

Ha Ha Ha it is over Summer(Winter) is over! We had 70 days of rain, bugs and slugs. The leaves are changing rumour has it there is frost on the mountains. I can breath again. This is going to be a killer winter praying for another 20 feet of snow. Let it Snow! Don't for get the 20 below zero too. Remember to go to the malls and stay inside. Leave the snow for the professionals!

I agree 100%. Don't forget the bugs. Last weekend I voluteered to work for a mountain bike trail crew. We got out of the car and were instantly attacked. I had clouds of black flies eating me for 6 hours while raking trails. I brought bug spray and it didn't even stop them. After donating blood last week and being sucked down another pint by the black flys. I may just spend the rest of the Summer out in the middle of the lake.

Where do you live? In California winter isn't even very cold, and I still shiver the entire time. Though I suppose I don't like it too hot either, so maybe I wouldn't prefer your place of habitation.

Summer is stupid.