Threw A Dog Off A Bridge

So this "person", Svajunas Beniukas,  who lives in Kaunas, was filmed with his buddy taking his little dog "Pepper" for a little walk across a bridge. He jokes around about dogs being able to fly, takes the dog in his arms, stretches his arms over the side of the bridge, and lets the dog fall. When he lands you can here him crying in pain.

I started to watch the video, but once he stretched his  arms over i had to turn it off. I couldnt watch it any further.

I cant understand how anyone could do this to another living being. its sick and disgusting.

its moments like this that i hate the human race.

Luckily this man was brought to justice by people on the internet, who viewed the video, and decided they needed to track this ****** down.

The dog was rescued, but during recovery he passed away.

Its a sad world we live in....


The news article:


And if you dare, The video:

I dont know if its the full video i couldnt watch it


A memorial video for pepper:

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

i knnow eh like not only does he DO that but he makes a video of it as well.

Im glad you agree DV when i saw that i was so shocked that someone could do that and be okay with themselves that would haunt me.

Oh my gosh i know i thought it was so bruta and the video just made me feel so helpless i couldnt do anything to help the poor puppy