i don't know if any of you will jion this group

but this is a big one for me

i hate sympathy

and i mean fake sympathy or exaggerated sympathy.

like when your family member dies and teachers dont give you homework assignments cause they feel bad for you.

or when you're crying and someone you kinda talk to sees you and hugs you like they're or best friend.  and you know they only want to be inside the gossip and be a part of it, they dont even care that you're in pain.

or when you are upset or something and someone really close to you hears you and starts to cry.  i can't handle it when people i love cry over me.  It sucks.

anyone ever feel this way?

I dont know I think it shows a lot about me

I analyze and read people all the time. so i can tell when a person is fake, and this is me venting.

hayleymeike hayleymeike
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2 Responses Apr 11, 2007

I am one of those people that are drawn to peoples problems. I like to take Peoples pain away and give them home even if it means that i take there pain and give them my hope. I believe that everybody has a thing that they are ment for even if it is just being in the right place at the right time.<br />
next time somebody gives you sympathy, say thanks because even if it is fake it still means that they took time out of there lives to at least try to understand what is going on.

i generally dont mind sympathy... but i dont rely on it either... its just another way of knoing that somebody cares to me