Hate Tabloids? What About the Weekly World News!?!?

For all those that hate tabloids, I want to take you back 15 years to a classic period in modern history: The early 90s. These were the years of GNR, Saved by the Bell, and none other than those AMAZING covers on the Weekly World News that you'd see in the supermarket checkout line when you were younger.

In honor of the Weekly World News, I've assembled 10 Classic Weekly World News Covers:

10. Ah, always that fat cat...

9. For All You Computer Users Out There, Beware:

8. Alien Bible - They Worship Oprah! (who doesn't?)

7. 500 Foot Jesus Outside the UN

6. Cheney Is a Robot (I think I saw this one on CNN too)

5. Cuba's Famous Shark Attack on the US

 4. Hitler Captured

 3. Elvis Sightings Are Always A Classic

2. Aliens Back Bush for Office (I guess some of these may be true after all...)


1. Bat Boy Found in Cave:







SuperAnon SuperAnon
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Yeah, those were pretty cool... I think they were right about Cheney, though.

Hey, I remember some of those! Yes, it was an era ...