******* Drivers!

I am so pissed that I actually followed a jackass to get his license plate number and I am going to do something with it, what, I don't know, but something.  By the way, it's Texas license plate CMJ 858 - you mother ******!

This creep goes around every single car at stop signs in a residential area where kids can be waiting on the school bus, and then doesn't even stop at the stop sign - the law does not apply to him.  How much of an *** do you have to be to do this?  He'll get into the other lane to pass cars to avoid stopping at the stop sign.  This is the 2nd time I've seen him do this, today I followed him.  I tried to see his face, but all I saw was the top of his curly headed brown hair.

This is one day where I wanted to use my looks to lure a man so then I could crush his ******* ***.  I can tell by the way he drives that he has no respect for anyone other than himself. 

So, if anyone knows what I can do with this license plate number, please tell me.  I'm hoping I can get a cop to go after him somehow.  I do have a cop friend... but I might have to show him my boobs.

(Just kidding)




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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Friday 10/14/11, this guy did the same thing to me. I just googled his plate info and found this forum, and believe you me I KNOW what to do with his plate number!!!!