I wake before the morning light,
To feel the cold's unforgiving bite,
I think to myself how dreary it be
"Im too numb to feel the cold's tendrils creeping into me"
I lie there hoping for but one thought
Hoping for something i know the sun has not brought
Wishing that i may but be gone, just disappear
My wish is crushed by the clock's ever-changing red leer

The world eventually wakes,
It noise persistently shakes
I realize the gift of sleep is too impossible a goal
I prepare myself shoving my metaphorical coal
Shoving small reasons hollow but true
To the edge of my consciousness to push me through

Another morning still wishing evermore for better reasons

because my petty thoughts have already gotten me through so many seasons

They are so weathered after so much over use 
I hope that the battle for my mind will end in a truce
More lies must i conjure to keep the world at bay,
But the resources get scarecer everday
My flame, is now a flickerand i struggle to find suitable fuel
but that is life, a never-ending self-duel.
TaintedSoul TaintedSoul
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 24, 2012

Hey dude, .. the group this is under? is it a "hate means love" group? are you okay?

no its an I Hate taintedsoul group.

you mean the cold's tendrils right?

yeah messed it up lol like it says was an early morning when i wrote
took like ten minutes!!! foreverrrr meh but ill fix it.