Im sorry but its just another solemn
string of words from the wretched unequivocal golem
That me, just some faceless choked up being
I know and can tell that youre tired of seeing
Its just me again with but typed words to offer
Typing things to put in my impenetrable mental coffer
Words typed with passion
This is but a ration
Of the endless rhymes
Construed over countless times
Yet so few ever deemed right
I hate that i sound so contrite
I know what i have done
I dont know the monster i have become
My very existence is a crime
Although it seems about high time
I confess and punish the transgressor
But between the two of us dear family, am i not the lessor?
I may not communicate
But with my actions i do try to compensate
I am quiet yes that is true
But why should i have to say adieu?
I choose to strive ahead
Despite for you how many times i have bled
Through all the words, so ever caustic
Even though being around you makes me slightly agnostic
I made a hard choice, to be happy once more
But martyrdom is something i don't want anymore
I find the beauties of life and the Beauty in my life
Those things are just too precious to succumb to the strife
I want to and am going to do the most revolutionary act
I am going to want to live, thats my new pact
I know this road is long and inconceivably arduous
But i want to try and do this thing, no matter how torturous
To once again see the morning's indescribable hue
To that beautiful di-hydrogen oxide drop on the flower (dew)
I want to enjoy the things i see around me
To enjoy each years jubilee
I think i am going to like living
And to all the few readers thanks for the time you are giving

Thanks for reading my boring crud just thought id finally actually post one of my drafts since im coming up a milestone. in numbers of them.
Im sorry it sucks in advance.
TaintedSoul TaintedSoul
18-21, M
Feb 16, 2013