Better Living Via Chemistry?

as a child, teen and adult i despised having to take medication.  it mattered not how badly my head hurt or how bad my allergies might be ... i'd wait as long as i could and many times i'd still not take anything.

i was brought up in a home wherein all ailments could be healed via 'mind over matter' - just make up your mind that there's nothing wrong with you!  thus having to take medication was admitting a weakness of sorts.  and in my home ... weakness was NOT an option.

in 2004 i was in a pretty bad accident.  i ended up with an incurable neurological disorder due to the nerve/joint trauma i suffered. 

initially the doctors had me taking approximately 37 pills a day.  it was awful!  i'm stubborn and many times throughout the past 3 years i've decided i would wean myself off a medication because i didn't feel like it was doing anything.  and many times i'd have to start taking said medication again.  HOWEVER!!!  with that said, i am now only taking 6-10 pills per day because i refused to succumb to nearly 40 pills a day.

while i don't like taking what i do, i realize i'm down to the bare minimum and short of a miracle, i will take these medications for the rest of my life - or some medications formulated for my 'situation.'

(on a side note ... when the doctor and i tried to explain to my father - the 'mind over matter' promoter of my childhood - that it was a neurological disorder due to nerve/joint trauma ... his reply was, "yeah i know it's all in your head!" ... imagine the look on my doc's face.  lol)

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i can completely understand that. i hate it when i hear the doc say, "there's a new med that i've had great results with. i'd like you to try it." it makes my stomach turn immediately. it's not just the copay for the rx but it's the added side affects and wondering how it's going to cause me to react considering the mixture i'm already taking ... it's scary!

You should submit your father's comment to Readers' Digest! lol. Although several might disagree with his approach to illnesses, you have to admit he has wit! =}