As of right now, I carry at least six different medicines in my purse. I have my allergy pills, two different pills for my stomach, two different pills for my severe headaches, and my pain killers which I use for anything (mainly headaches) and take four at a time (which still doesn't work). I have the medicine I'm supposed to be taking for my stomach.. but I'm not because it doesn't always work and I end up looking drugged (because I am. That crap is supposed to be an anti-depressent. My dentist knew how bad that stuff was!). And, I think I might be getting on more medicine for my knee and headaches! I only take them when I have to (because I know that I need to)... but I don't want to wind up like Grandma... I'm surprised she can even keep track of all her meds!

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Wow! TheCheese, I will definitely keep all this in mind! And don't worry, I won't become a pillhead. If it doesn't work or has negative side-effects, then I quit taking them.

OMFG please do not end up like my sister a friggin pillhead. I find that doctors are nothing more than high paid drug pushers that love the kick backs from prescribing X drugs to Y amount of people. I do not take pills of any sort because I believe that most are nothing more that bullshit and exist to get you hooked and keep coming back so your insurance can keep paying for your habit all the while continuing to raise medical insurance. Long story short, pills are like a band-aid that do not help to solve the problem that they are residing over top of. I went to my doctor years ago only to tell her this and that and a little more of who cares what. All the while she sits there looking at me writing some **** down because she has mastered the "I could give a **** about what you say you have or how you feel because my textbook says you have this" syndrome. I hate doctors, please do not fall for there song and dance that they know whats best for you. You live in your body you can make even better educated guesses than they. /end rant

Working in the medical field, I see this all the time. I can't possibly see how taking 10 different meds keeps them from canceling out the working qualities in each! And stomach meds are mostly prescribed because the other meds have upset the stomach! Lovely catch 22, huh?! And I LOVE how Docs will prescibe 3 different pain pills for 3 different pained areas! H3ll's Fire! One SHOULD work on all 3 if the right med is used! I sympathize with your plight!