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My medication has been changed again. Today I begin taking Effexor. Do I have hope that this will be the one to take my blankets off? Yup. Always. Wait and see. Over eight yeas I have tried a lot of what's out there, individually as well as cocktails. Meds have been bumped up to full potential. Sometimes meds do work until the eventual day my body decides: this is it? I don't know if my body has become resistant or I just take the wrong stuff. I believe that my health care workers have my best interest in mind. But sometimes.... Knowledge is power. Here, as I write this story I want to know from you'll what medications you're on. Do they work for you? I have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, irritability (uh-ha I call it anger issues). and insomnia. Right now I take 37.5mg Effexor (starting today), 250mg lamictal, 30mg Buspar, and 200mg seroquel. Lamictal was just raised to help stabilize my head. Working? Your guess is as good as mine. Buspar? Don't take that away cause I will fly into rages soooo horrible, worse than now. Seroquel? I take it to sleep. Take 100mg... works. Then it doesn't, take 200mg then it works. Well it hasnt been working very well lately and I don't want to increase it again. At one point in the past eight years I was taking 500mg of it.... Can you say zombie? Effexor? New for me. I hope it does something to lift my spirits so that I can do the things I need to do as well as the things I want to do. I will take 37.5mg for a week and see the med nurse next Monday. See what happens. Im here just to see what you guys take. Reading medical stuff is one thing. Hearing from real people is another. So get back to me guys....
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Two weeks on Effexor. Up to 75mg. Despite everything going on with my daughter being sick and not knowing why, I think the Effexor is working. It's keeping me in the middle of the see saw. My race training is now on schedule. I found a fellow triathlete on EP and his words keep me going. I wish it were more of the happy happy joy joy kinda thing but right now I accept what the new med is doing for me. And tomorrow will be tomorrow.

I take morphine in a weekly hourly release patch for pain ( takes edge off) I have 40mg citalopram for anxiety and PTSD again takes edge off and for insomnia I have nothing as I have two girls to care for and my youngest doesn't sleep through the night so don't think I should as yet days and night's are difficult but some how muddle through my kids keep me grounded if I'm caring for them I can't think so much but when their asleep or at school is when I break down so sorry I can't offer any practical solutions or advice but I do wish you some resolution and pray that life gets easier for you
Love :-)

I hope you will be fine

Thanks. I think I will. I'm getting all the help I need. And I've financially committed myself to one half marathon, three sprint triathlons, and one half ironman from April thru September. I know it sounds like a lot but I use the smaller races to prepare for the big "A"race in september. I just want my mojo back when it comes to my head. I'll be fine. Look forward to hearing your day...

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