Thought It Was Just Me!

I don't mind taking calls, but making them is horrid.  Even if the person is someone I'm close to and known for years I still will hesitate to pick up the phone.  Thinking of calling someone I don't know very well makes me feel queasy and almost-panicy. 

But ya wanna know something weird?  The job I loved most was doing tech support at a call center.  How nuts is that???
MossAgate MossAgate
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

This is so funny (not in a bad way)...but in a "I can totally relate"...thing is...when I call people...its for a purpose...not chit chat (on a RARE occasion just to chit chat...RARE mind you). However, when I do call - I;m put off by the "call waiting" thing - WHY answer my call - WHY "consent" to talk to ME if you are going to keep "blanking" me out with call waiting. I get so frustrated - I rarely call anyone. Its just rude and - got forbid I'm calling because I "really" need a friend or some one to talk with. Guess that's why I write. peace.

I can totally relate to that! Hahaha. <br />
There's some dread in calling them...even my best friend. :)