I Don't Have A Clue Why.

I hate talking on the phone. I've just always have. It's not like I have a bad memory or a bad experience. My main objective when I'm on the phone is to get off the phone. I'm not responsive at all. I'll listen to what you have to say and answer your questions in the fewest words possible. I sound like I'm agitated and like you've interrupted me in the middle of something. It seems like I'm not interested in what you have to say. It really isn't that. I just can't stand the phone. And it's not like I prefer texting. I do the same thing. I'll just stop responding to your texts. And if you keep sending me texts I turn off my phone. I don't know why but I'd prefer an email over that. I like face-to-face communication better. I don't webcam either so your best be of reaching me is to meet me in person or send me an email. I won't IM either because I don't want to feel committed. I like to be able to take my own time. And honestly if I saw you earlier today I don't need to know what happened after the 20 minutes of saying goodbye. I don't want you to call me right after you leave my house. I said goodbye for a reason. Maybe one day I'll change but for now it is what it is.
LoversEnd LoversEnd
18-21, F
May 14, 2012