My Story Is A Long And Complicated One.

okay tattoos and peiceings borther me alot and here is why and there may be even more issues but its like this

it could be the fact that i secrectly do want one but cant get one because i have no money,i am scared of being judged for getting one, i am scared i really do not want one, my parents wont let me, i can not think of a good reason for getting one.

also my parents raised me to beleive anyone who gets a tattoo is a pathetic evil horrible person.

the fact that so many people do insult the very reason why u should get a tattoo an do not think about if they actully want to get one. like the fact that people get tattoos for stupid silly reasons and try to jusfy getting them with dumb *** meanings that are just bullshit and i mean i honestly do not even understand what it means to have someting that has meaning to be honest. but how can i when i have nothing that means anything in my life or nothing that i beleive in :/

it repsents the fact that u can do whatever u want when i am 24 and i still do not even have a choice with my body i am not even allowed to decide when i want to shave if my parents feel like my bead is too long i have to shave it. and even with my hair my parents have gone as far as actully cutting my hair in my sleep and particly holding me down while doing it. so how can i accept that they have a choice with thier own body when i clearly do not have a choice with my own body.

it repseents that they do whatever they want for thesmelves and can think for themselves and express themselves when agian my parents taught me i would be wrong in expressing myself and insult me for expressing myself in anyway they do not approve off or think is wrong or stupid. they insult some of the shirts i wear and i am scared to wear other other shirts because they will insult me for wearing them and agian how can i accept that they have self expression when i get insulted by my own parents for self expressing myself while wearing god dam super mario shirts by my parents.

i just dont understand tattoos and piecerings and am way too ingorant of them.
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truly, i don't like tattoos either, but in your case the issue goes way deeper than tattoos.<br />
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You seem to be about to crack under the weight of parental pressure and your own need to rebel. My advice is don't do it by getting a tattoo, since they are horrible in their own right and in a way that is nothing to do with the pressures your are experiencing. Long after you have resolved the present crisis, the tattoo will still be there, and you may well hate it for other reasons later on.<br />
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More pressingly, you need to escape from your parents. You are 24. Take the next bus/train out of there and get a job in a town at least 200 miles from your present location.<br />
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oh and try to keep an arms length from the bible bashers. They are all half mad.

WTH is wrong with these commenters... Sweetheart, you must get strong so you are able to think and act for yourself. Do NOT live your life for others! Trust me, life is too short and precious for that! I have no feelings either way on if you should or should not get a tattoo except to say that you should do what YOU want to do. <br />
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If your age is correct, you are a grown man and as such, get your life together, become self-sufficient and go forth as such. When I read the post, I thought you were a teenager but hopefully sooner rather than later you will stand on your own and when (if) you do, I hope you decide sooner than later you are worth making your own decisions about the course and direction of your life. <br />
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Take care!

In tattooing, the pigment is a contaminant so, as it gets injected into the skin, it becomes encapsulated in a band of collagen, which is why the “bodyart” stays in place! Encapsulation keeps the pigment isolated from the rest of the body, protecting the latter from further contamination. The pigment is categorically a foreign body. “Foreign body”, here, is a synonym for “dirt”. So, even if a tattooee bathes daily, he or she will be a clean person but with pockets of dirt where the tattoos are. It’s a dirty art form. <br />
<br />
Tattooists will probably tell you that they only use sterilized needles and that the inks they use are “clean”. But the pigments themselves contain metals – including arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and nickel – which have been associated with several types of cancer. However “clean” the ink is, the arsenic it contains won’t stop being arsenic; the beryllium won’t stop being beryllium; the cadmium won’t stop being cadmium; the lead and nickel won’t stop being lead and nickel.......

very good and interesting point.

And hypochondriacs won't stop being hypochondriacs. If you think tattoos are dirty, I'd hate to see you recoil in horror to learn of all the extra little "bits and pieces" that find their way into any and all types of processed (and some not processed) food, lol. I really hope you eat and drink nothing except pure, organic, raw, non-GMO, freerange, cagefree, non-rBGH, magic triple filtered food and water that you planted and raised and harvested with your own two hands. Otherwise, you are being exposed to and ingesting many of these dirty contaminants and more. Even then, it's pretty iffy. You may want to stop breathing oxygen while you're at it, because evidently everything causes cancer these days. Good luck! :)

Wow! You do have a very long and complicated story. May I offer a few points to ponder?<br />
1) If you are a Christian, above what you or anybody else says or thinks, you must consider what God has already said about the matter. If you've got a bible, read Leviticus 19:28, otherwise look it up online. Pray and ask God to speak to your heart and give you a will to do what would please Him. He will because he wants you to do the right thing.<br />
2) I am a teacher and I deal with young people all the time. Particularly young people who are at the age where they begin to make decisions for themselves. They often make quick decisions without taking time to think about it or if they do take the time to think about it they ba<x>se whether they do something or not on how they "think" their friends would feel or how they "think" it would appeal to people of importance in their lives. Allow me to reference the Bible again. Adam and Eve were given everything they "needed". They were only told not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They knew this and were content for a time without it. Satan, in the form of a serpent, came along and made a suggestion that went against what God told them. At first Eve wouldn't go for it, because she knew God said, "No". But after the serpent's persistence, he convinced her to do so and she in turn convinced her partner, Adam to eat fruit of the forbidden tree. Because of "pressure" to go against what they knew wasn't right, they lost everything and in turn brought a curse on us all. The decisions we make not only affect us, but others as well. They influence others who are watching us. We have the responsibility to do the right thing so that others won't suffer following our example.<br />
3) I too, at one point in my life desired to get a tattoo. I wanted one on my thigh, for no particular reason other than I thought that it would be cute. I did not act quickly on this desire though. I thought about it. I decided not to do it and I do not regret my decision. I enjoy the fact that I don't look like everybody else--all tatted up. Last thing to think about, where is this desire to get a tattoo coming from? Since the beginning, Satan has always attempted to draw us away from God. He attempts to make light of God's commands as if they were optional. It's simple, when a thought is of God, our flesh does not the glory, God does. When Satan sends a thought, it usually gratifies self and causes us to ignore how others will be affected in the process.<br />
I pray that you will make the right decision.

thank you i apperciate you telling me all this it means alot to me and does kind of help me to feel better. sort off. because honestly it still does affect me when i see others who have a tattoo