I Hate My Tattoos!!

So at age 15, when i was visiting family in Colombia, i got my first tattoo, now im 22 and im coverd.
But wait!!! I love tattooes!! But my neck chest sleeve i hate on me, i feel like crap, i look in the mirror and i see trash, a complicated confusion freakk!! Im am attractive girl, i always get complements about my tatts, but i always cover them up, im not in that cool dont care phase anymore, lol damm i really did number on myself, but on the flip side im lasering them off im a little half way, its soo painful, gosh it feels like heel, not only that its soo pricey, to everyone wanting a tattoo, really make sure its what u want,
lveu90 lveu90
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Very refreshing to hear tattoo regret. I appreciate your honesty about how tattoos make you look like trash.