I Miss the Pre-Tattoo Era

I might be older than some of you here. I'm in my early 40s. I have fond memories of when nobody had tattoos except for bikers, sailors, and criminals. I constantly think back to how nice it was in the 1970s and 80s when the women were pretty and non-tattooed. I took for granted what a non-tattooed utopia I was living in. I liked going out in public and seeing all the pretty girls and their beautiful non-tattooed skin. Women were much more feminine back then. These days I dread leaving the house because I am so disgusted at seeing all those ugly tattoos.

I also can't relate to today's men, They are covered in tattoos and are as hypermasculine as can be. Men were much nicer and more sensitive when I was growing up. We didn't have all these tattooed "bad boys" like we do today. It was a more civilized era.. Sometimes I watch youtube clips of popular culture from decades past, It makes me want to cry. The women were  pretty and the men were nice and decent. Most of all I am in awe of the lack of tattoos, even rock bands and basketball players didn't have tattoos. What a wonderful world it was. It's very sad to realize it will never be like that again, at least not in this lifetime.

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I am even older 49, i generally have a pretty laid back attitude and always try to stand behind/for my children. but I have to say you are not alone in your feelings. my son is "in love" with a girl with a lot of tattoos, forearm, shoulders, feet and more. they are also very ugly tats. also the stupid hair color that never looks good, and the piercings GROSS!!! We were at the zoo and I was walking behind them and I just thought "what is my son doing, what is wrong with him" he actually does have some tattoos but of course is getting more now(but of course cant pay all his own bills but lets spend 100s on tattoos. At this point my son still dresses nice and has the clean cut hair. I just could not stop thinking of how gross &trashy she looked. my big question is When did our opinion become worthless. I have not said anything to him but now he is talking marriage. when I was younger I certainly did not just ignore my moms or grandmother opinion of what I wore or how my hair was. I wasn't always happy with their comments but they were honest and i appreciated that and I also respected them so I wanted them to be proud of me and I wanted them to be happy. I am sorry, I do realize it is my fault, young adults now days care about them selves and their wants thats all. And heaven help if say anything even slightly unpleasant OH MY that is just UNACCEPTABLE to them. I am so tired of liking nothing they are doing/wearing/saying/whatever and NEVER being able to remotely express it without being made to feel like the most horrible person ever born.

I am actually close to your age (I wrote this 6 years ago and EP never updated my age). Anyway I agree with what you are saying. My hatred of tattoos is based mostly on how ugly they are...not on anything moral. Your son is brainwashed by our culture to not see how nasty that ugly that girl looks with all her tatts, the culture has blinded him of this objective reality. He has been hypnotized/brainwashed to see ugly as beauty. He is certainly not the only one. All the herd thinks and acts alike.

Some history of tattoos. www.smithsonianmag.com/history/tattoos-144038580/?page=1

I am unsure how I came across this site. I was researching the history of tattooing. But here is proof that there has never been a pre tattoo era. And what is viewed as low class today actually were status symbols of higher class and nobility in ancient times. I myself am fascinated with tattoos and happen to be a female with extensive tattoos. I also do have a well respected, high paying career. And I do respect societies negative views and stereotypes and know how to look professional. It is such a sad world that people are judged negatively based on appearance which only appears to be getting worse in society today. I am almost 40 years old and I have NEVER experienced a time in which people are not judgemental. I love freedom of expression and long for a time when people can be who they want and feel comfortable in their own skin. I do care what others think because unfortunately our status in life is based on what others think of us. Yet I also will not be someone who I am not just to fit in. This makes for a hostile living environment when one cannot be fully content with who they are. This not only pertains to people who are tattooed but also people who are different than what mainstream society views as perfect. Well personally I am disgusted with this kind of society. And if there were ever a "pre judgmental era" then I miss that!!!!

Everyone judges. Always have, always will. Get over it. You say that you long for a time when people can be comfortable in their own skin. Yet, you enjoy having someone place graffiti on your skin. When some "tattoo artist" draws stuff all over your skin - is that "your own skin"? It was, but then you let someone crap it up with cartoonish doodles. Contrarily, I really am comfortable in my own skin. IT'S MINE! And, I wouldn't let some two-bit ink-dink turn it into some cheesy graffiti canvas. I don't need to pick a tat out of a tat-book for someone to draw on me to tell the world who I am. I am who I am without that kind of nonsense. Sometimes I'm a jerk. Most times I am quiet, thoughtful respectable and respectful. I don't need a punisher tat on my neck, barbed wire on my bicep, fist on my shoulder, spider web on my elbow, or lightning bolt on my calf to make it look like I'm some kind of badass. Nor do I need a devil on my back, a star on my forearm, or a picture of my dead father on my chest to remind me of an important event in my life. No, my skin is my skin and NOT FOR SALE!!!

Well said. The irony is that tattoo person acts so tough, but most are insecure. They take it so personally when others do not like their tattoos. What narcissistic clods.

Quite frankly, I am flabbergasted by the whiny responses by tattoo lovers about what some stranger on the internet says.

Personally, I would never get a tattoo. Some people who are afraid of needles like myself have gotten tattoos. I have often thought about what I would want for a tattoo, but in the end I would end up eventually regretting whatever tattoo I get so I have decided to never get one.

Besides part of me has wondered if it would be just to conform to this generation. I have even often wondered if I would be judged for not having a tattoo since it is the "in" thing to do nowadays.

To these people that get a tattoo of a cross, I shouldn't be able to tell you are religious just by looking at you. To me, you are saying "look at me I'm religious". Prove your religious by your words and actions not what's on you. Same with people you love and miss. I honour my deceased grandfather by wearing his watch. I feel a great sense of joy wearing it and I don't care if others know it or not. Now if the person asks then I feel no shame in saying that it was my grandfather's and I wear it to honour him.

To this "me me me me it's all about me" generation that I am unfortunately apart of. Yes, it is all about you UNTIL you get involved with someone. Then you have to take their opinion into consideration. If your significant other says they don't like tattoos and you get a tattoo anyway, that tells them that you don't care what they think. Their opinion means nothing to you.

PS: I see a "please respond with authenticity, support, and respect" request. I see nothing in this thread, but disrespect and whiny entitled attitudes.

I hate tatoo for myself, and piercings too. If other people have them that's their right and who am I to criticize, but what I am tired of is getting the third degree because I don't have a tatoo. I hate tattoos for MYSELF!!!! Not on anyone else.

The reason tattoo guy gets on you to get one is like religion. People are insecure and need strength in numbers. The more people that have tattoos, especially those in a certain cliche, the more reassured these tattoo folks feel. It truly is quite pathetic.

I guess since I have tattoos, I shouldn't hold doors open for ppl anymore, huh? Or help random strangers? Maybe I should stop saying ma'am or sir every where I go. Tattoos are a simple expression. I have 5 and getting more. Why? Because they mean something to me.
A cross on my right forearm. A show of my faith and I like to think it is God directing my hand for good.
A Eagle and flag on my left leg. Eagles represent freedom and flag for country. Since in the military, we start marching with our left leg, it is my way of putting freedom and country first.
Scorpion on my upper right arm. I'm a combat vet if Iraq. I hold my rifle in my right hand and ya know what scorpions do. Kill.
Pheonix on my back. Had a rough childhood. Ain't going into details, so I burn my past and raised from the ashes, a better man.
And my least a favorite, but most important one. My fallen soldier tattoo that covers my upper left arm. For those lost in combat.
Try not to judge the why.
The things a man believes in, he will make holy. ,

What's in your mind is real. What's painted on your body is nothing more than cartoons and doodles drawn by strangers. In fact, it is an abomination to the Lord to desecrate your body, God's creation, with pagan symbols and drawings. In Leviticus 19:28, the Bible says: ‘Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you; I am the Lord." I wish Christians would be more careful before having someone ink sacred religious symbols on their bodies.

I am 23 and i agree. Tattoos are trashy, ugly, disgusting. Especially on women, revolting. Very few tattooed women would be meaningful pursuits, the reverse is also true. Yes, i am judgmental. Judgement is logical, reasonable, and moral. Tolerance is a virtue of a dieing society. I am not religious either, before you new ager atheist kooks jump on me. You are just trendies following the heard into tattoo parlors.<br />
<br />
Unless you really have something to say, do not get a tattoo. Swastikas, runic symbols, military or prison tattoos, or other symbols of strong belief i would consider interesting and worthy. Another exception i would make is if you are really into the art aspect and do all the designs yourself and get a full sleeve.<br />
<br />
Don't get me started on ear gauging. MY GOD. Tattooing is NOTHING compared to this horrendous trend. When i am holding a girl kissing her on the neck and want to nibble her earlobe and wispier something in her ear, i don't want to find a mutilated piece of stretched meathole where her pretty perfect ear used to be. I have no words, i just, my god it makes we wish to kill myself and hopefully be reincarnated after this putrid abomination is long forgotten.

I'm getting a tattoo soon, one that has spiritual significance to me. I've been pondering my decison a few years and I feel in my my heart this is the best decision, for me. I am a practicing Witch, my tattoo will represent something very dear to me.
It will be on my shoulder blade.
For me, it is a form of self expression, of identity.
The beautiful thing for me, about tattoos, is that each one, has it's own story. Plus I do art, so when I see pleasing art, (to my eye) I feel happy regardless of what medium it is on.

Tattoos, when done correctly, are beautiful to look at.

To fuzzbuster: Not every woman wants a "traditional " family.
It's also a bit funny that you tar, "every" man that dislikes tattoos with the same brush, that they are all aspiring to be wonderful and successful.
My best relationship was with a guy, with a tattoo.
The others were: whiny, controlling, overly competitive,... and a bunch of other "qualities".
But all of them had ambition, and so do I.
Disliking body art, is not indicative of anything, except someone who dislikes body art.

Self expression? Just another brainwashed sheep following the herd.

Crushedice: First, I would never, fall in love with someone who had a tattoo. It's a deal-breaker for me. Second, anyone who permits themselves to fall in love without first getting to know the other person intimately enough to know if they have a tattoo or not is a gullible dolt with little self-worth and no self control whatsoever. Third, we all judge people sweetie, even you, especially when you say: "if a man decided not to love me because of my tattoos he is not worth my time...or anyone's for that matter." I'll judge people the way I want; you're free to judge others how you want, but don't pretend you don't judge others. I certainly don't need you to school me on how I should be judging women with tattoos, especially when it comes to picking a wife or raising a female (or male) child! Would I disown a child of mine for getting a tattoo? Absolutely not. However, my child would know exactly how my wife and I feel about tattoos long before she would be able to save enough money to consider getting one, and I would not hesitate to express profound disappointment to her for getting one - its my right as a parent! By getting a tattoo yourself, you've eliminated your "application" from the pool of men who don't like tattoos from ever seriously considering you for marriage. These men, men like me, aspire to be successful, not only in their work but also in their pursuit of a traditional, loving, wife and family. Not to worry, I'm sure you will be satisfied with your choices of tattooed men who like tattooed women for a life of....whatever it is that those kind of folks want out of life.

I'm tattooed, and successful. In contradiction to your statement. 8 yrs military, 4 yrs as a roughneck making 6 figures. And now in school to be a nurse. A recent study showed ppl see the cars they drive as an extension of themselves. Should I judge you based on your vehicle and the color of it? Would you judge me on the fact that I drive a mustang that I have owned for 14 yrs? A car I bought without help of my family. Does my tattoos mean I don't fawn over my children? Spending every moment I can with them.

First, I doubt you made "6 figures" and gave that up to go to school to be a nurse; but this is the internet and you can pretend to be whatever you want. You can judge me all you want - I welcome it. I drive a Jeep Wrangler with about 150K miles on it - please, judge me. I don't care about your car; I simply think people (you included) are "trashy" if you have tattoos. You did it to yourself; you want others to see your tattoos. Well, some people like me think tattoos are ugly, trashy, whoreish - I think you get the point. It's simply my first impression of a woman wearing tattoos. Right or wrong, that is my impression.

FUZZBUTSTER, I couldn't have said it any better. Why women would want to look masculine is beyond me.

I agree with you. I do not like tattoos. They are ugly, and make women look like *****. Whenever I see a woman with a tattoo, I just want to tell them to wash it off. Women-with-tattoos look like they sleep-around-a-lot, and it looks dirty.

Your article is right-on.

Women should not get tattoos. It's so sad to see a beautiful woman with beautiful skin get tattoos.

I am actually disgusted at the fact that grown individuals such as yourselves are judging people (especially women) by their body art and not by their personalities. If you fell in love with a woman and then discovered she has a tattoo on the small of her back or ribcage, would you proceed to "unloving" her because of that? People constantly comment on losing faith in the younger generations...well I'm losing faith in the older ones. If this is the kind of attitude that is inspiring the youth of today, god knows what our future looks like. Tattoos are a personal choice, much like deciding whether to dye your hair or getting your ears pierced (as I'm sure many of you have done). I am 23 years old, am educated to university level and have two tattoos, both which are easily hidden but mean something to me - one for my deceased mother and one for the friends that I call family. No, I didn't need them to exist for me to remember the events or people that are related to them, but they are there as an artistic representation of those moments/people. My PERSONAL representation. If a man decided not to love me because of my tattoos he is not worth my time...or anyone's for that matter. Would you disown your children if they decided to get tattoos? Would you rather them go off and start doing drugs? From this thread I can answer that question myself without hesitation...disappointing.

That's a little harsh, my sister's and my daughter all have tattoos and I love them the same as I did before they had them. Just because I don't like them for myself and the person I choose to love does not make me someone who is good for nothing or nobody. Have your tattoos, enjoy them, that is your blessing of freedom but don't down those who do not, they have the same freedom of choice, likes and dislikes as you do. Embrace diversity.

I judge people all the time based on their appearance, how they act, how they speak, what they do, their hobbies, and a bunch of other things. Get over it! EVERYBODY JUDGES. And, personally, as a man, I would find your tattoos distractingly ugly and would want nothing to do with you. To me they symbolize weakness in people, as they struggle to make themselves different by paying someone to put a tramp-stamp on them. Very weak, indeed. What is "body art" to you, is nothing more than urban graffiti to me. If you respect your body as much as an urban youth respects an underpass wall, well that's you're problem....and thankfully not mine.

Here's how you express yourself without having to wear a tattoo: Tattoos are ugly, useless, stale, weak and trite. It's a lie that people get tattoos to "personally" remember a life-altering event. It's not necessary, unless 1) the event wasn't very memorable or life-altering or 2) you have Alzheimer's. People get tattoos to let other people know about something that they think affected or changed them in some manner. This is very weak. If you were truly moved by an event in your life, it will seep out of you, as you permit it, in your own matured personality and your interaction with others. Sometimes, it will even physically show up in the lines on your face or non-self-inflicted scars on your body. You don't need a stamp on your body or dangly doo-dads to ooze false meaning. Dangly doo-dads are stamped out for less than a penny in some foreign factory in China or Pakistan - they have no meaning. Tattoos, even those requiring extreme precision and skill, are creations of some stranger - they too are as meaningless as a bumpersticker printed in China. True meaning comes from within. True beauty comes from genetics, care of one's body, and personality, not from pictures stamped into your skin by some tattoo technician. TATOOS ARE FOR FAKES AND FOOLS.

I really have to ask, are you the one that decided they have no meaning?
Also spell "tattoos " correctly if you are using it in a sentence involving "fools", because it utterly smacks of irony.

Guess I'm a fool and a fake. And so are most the ppl I served with in the Army. Glad us fools protected your stupidity .

Your service in the Military is (hopefully, since I don't really know you) respectable. The fact that you, and other military personnel succumb to peer pressure to stamp your bodies is trashy and weak in my opinion. Thanks for protecting me - I'm sure you got paid for it as well as lots of benefits that come with the job. Glad my tax dollars could provide you with a job (so you can pay for your tattoos) and opportunity.

Right on! I remember the days when a woman with a tattoo was shocking and ugly. It's no longer shocking but it's still ugly. If these kids want to be rebellious the best way is NOT to get tattooed since everyone is getting them.

I have four tattoos. Each one holds a meaning for me. I think they are beautiful forms of expression. I'd much rather live in a world where people are free to express themselves in whatever way they feel appropriate then live in a time where men and women repressed themselves. Honestly, if it really makes you that upset then perhaphs you should move out in the desert and live under a rock. That way you will never have to deal with other people are their freedom to choose. Besides your fourty, guess what? Mainstream tattooing has been getting increasingly popular since the 1960's so obviously you dont know what your speaking about. Also intersting fact, they have tracked tattooing for pleasure back to ancient Egyptians. So it is obviously been around longer than you know of. Perhaphs you should use your brain before opening your mouth. Thank you for wasting my time reading this article. Have a nice life under your rock.

You say I don't know what I am talking about yet I was around in the 70s and 80s and clearly remember how rare tattoos were. You are young, have only been on earth since tattoos were common and know nothing else. If you went back to previous decades you would be shocked at how few tattoos there were. NO I will not live under a rock. I will continue to hate tattoos my entire life. Nothing is going to stop me.

Hate them all you want. Do we care what you think. I hate fools, yet I see them everywhere I go. Internet is no exception.

You obviously do care what we think or you wouldn't go to the only anti-tattoo place in the world... the I Hate Tattoos group at EP. Just go outside and enjoy the fact that everyone and their grandma is covered in ugly tattoos. You have the world, we have this little group. Please let us hate tattoos in peace.

Ah, assumptions are fun. You mistook curiosity with concern. You made your voice public and now it gets scrutiny from the public. While you're concerened with others choices, I'm concerned with ignorance and bias. Society changes, and we adapt or cry about.

I'm expressing myself right now when I say: Regardless of how many tattoos you have, or how meaningful you THINK they are, or how you try to convince yourself that they are beautiful....THEY AREN'T. Tattoos are ugly and detract from the natural beauty of the human body. Aren't you glad that you live in a world where I am free to express myself in whatever way I feel is appropriate? The bottom line - people use tattoos to fake-define themselves because it's easier to pay for a tramp stamp than it is to become truly important on your own merits. One involves a lifetime of hard work....the other involves picking a picture out of a coloring book and paying a graffiti artist to draw it on your body.

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Have to give kudos to the person that started this thread! I'm a heavily tattooed person with over 50% of my body tattooed. I love tattoos and plan on getting many more of them in fact I love tattoos so much that sometimes I wish they would just criminalise it. Yes, I know we're all meant to be 'tolerant', 'socially accepting' and 'open minded' and all that but it has gotten way out of hand. Tattoos were way cooler when only bikers, sailors and bad *** yakuzas had them! I hate this whole mainstream homogenised 'I got this tattoo to represent a close relative that died' culture. And especially people that get upset because they no longer have a future in modelling, acting or any said profession because they now have tattoos. Time to ******* grow up and take responsibility! Should have thought if that before you sat in the chair you moron!

As I said earlier, I love tattoos but tattooing culture is so watered down now it means nothing anymore. Tattoos were once something so esoteric and mystical almost bordering occult. But now it seems every man and his dog has atleast one. The young the old, high brow, low brow, blue collar, white collar. And you always hear people justifying and explaining their reasons for getting them. Some people might find it strange but I really do respect people who have no tattoos and especially the ones who actively speak out against them. Lets respect tattooing and leave it alone. Keep it esoteric, sacred and respectful instead of commercialising and exploiting it as we do today!

I cant even be angry at the bigotry and ignorance displayed here. No im pretty sure pity is much more appropriate.
Maybe i have subconsciously ignored it?
But i was completely unaware that there were real people out there that detest body modification this much?...sad..its pretty mind blowing that what an individual who acts upon their right to do whatever he or she wants with their own bodies, can somehow offend a group of complete strangers. to the point that they have the NERVE to question said individuals class or morals. What's even sadder is that im certain many of you are successful, otherwise intelligent human beings..
..im sorry your so malicious in your opinions (yes i respect them)..im sorry you lack compassion or even a basic sense of equality..and im sorry you feel your opinion somehow entitles you to a false sense of supremacy..
With that said. don't ever be so pompous to assume that being tattooed somehow makes one inferior, or that they are of poor financial, social, or moral standing. I am offended for the MANY successful, articulate, high earning, highly educated, and DECENT tattooed people i have had the pleasure of knowing.

Have a nice day all:)

Im 25.
My body is well over 50% covered in ink
I don't partake in hard drugs
I have never been arrested
I don't hang about with gangs or prostitutes
I don't sleep around with multiple women
Despite being heavily and very visibly tattooed (including my throat, hands, face and head) i earn an annual income that trumps 90% of my non tattooed, judgmental, OLDER counterparts.
Im not a loser ( im actually a family guy. I work hard, pay taxes and i drive a bmw roadster).
..the only difference between you and I, is that false sense of entitlement with a hint of old world idiocy your gripping so tightly.

I never said everyone who is tattooed is a loser. Since just about everyone is covered in tattoos these days, especially in your age group, just about every successful (and unsuccessful) person will be tattooed.

BTW I am not impressed with your material wealth. You don't need to validate yourself. I prefer the humble man with no tattoos (the few non-tattooed that still exist) over a wildly successful man covered in tattoos. The world will love you though...you are doing exactly what the culture wants you to so I wouldn't let it upset you that there are a small minority of us with a different point of view. You have the world we just have this little group on experienceproject.com so please let us hate tattoos in peace.

So you just came to this group to get made and upset or are you unable to read certain words?

What can we say - "the parolee look" is in. For now?...

I don't hate tattoos on you or anyone else, I don't hate you for having them. I would hate tattoos on myself so I choose not to. But I have been criticized a lot for not having a tatoo and that's what I hate.

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Those of you youngsters that rave about tattoos; just wait 20 years when they go out of fashion, and you find your age permanently stamped upon your skin. The young will laugh at you with a scorn that will burn you through and through. Its like having a permanent mullet plastered to your head. FASHION and PERMANENT do NOT mix!

ahhh the reason why I love cold weather. People cover up. hmmmm

Its funny because all of you guys are old and dont understand things nowadays. most racists are older men and women and yea a tattoo looks gross when your 60 just like everything else does when your 60 I mean you people just need to look at yourselfs to figure that out you guys need to get out of the 70s where you grew up lol

What will you do and think and look like when you finally grow up?

Oh my, you just wait, being old is on it's way to you too, and there's nothing you can do to stop it, and the older you get the faster it catches up to you. Just wait and see!

Well said, Cleancut. I add my voice to yours.

I don't think Star Bellied Sneeches are the best on the beaches.

I’ve read several comments by men who can’t stand to be with a woman who has a tattoo, in different sites. The problem is, not all tattoos are visible. So a man might come to like a woman and only then discover she has a tattoo. Then he suddenly finds her repulsive. It’s embarrassing. <br />
I think it would be useful if someone were to launch a line of rings, brooches, pins, whatever, to show that the wearer has NO tattoos. Not even on his or her buttock.....<br />
I’d call them “personality rings”, or whatever, because they would show that the wearer has a personality of his or her own and doesn’t need to compensate with a tattoo.

What about asking right up front if they have a tatoo? That's what I do, it works like a charm, they can't wait to tell you they have one and even show it to you. If they do I just say that's cool and Mark them off my list as someone to be romantically involved with, however, we can still be friends. It is my personal choice not to be romantically involved with someone who has a tatoo, that's all.

A beautiful lady decorated with a tattoo can be compared to a glass of sparkling “Dom Pérignon” to which someone has added a dash of urine.

THANK YOU for posting this. I had no idea there was anyone else on the planet who hated tattoos. Why would a normal person want to pay money for something that is so painful and looks so uGlY? Lose-lose-lose. "See my tattoo?" Yes, it looks like the other nine-hundred million foot tattoos. Wow. Go away. Blechh! Same for piercing. (Oh, my. Your face looks......cluttered?) This is Freak Show, people. Take me back to the '60's, when a tattoo MAY have only been a 'USMC' on a 24" bicep.

The problem is that this is an irremovable fad. The hippies cut their hair when they had to get a job. The Breakfast Club crowd of the 80s dyed their hair back to normal from purple or green. Tattoos are prevalent but most people still do not have them. Drive in more affluent neighborhoods and you will see less tattoos and less people smoking. There is hope.

A beautiful woman can look like a billion dollars. Then give her a tattoo that costs 150 dollars and she'll walk out of the tattoo parlour looking like 150 dollars...

More like a dollar and fifty cents.

There was a time bumper stickers in the 80s and early 90s were very popular and many cars had them. Now you really have to look to find some political message or honor role message slapped on the bumper. People lost interest. Why anyone would want to get a "skin stain" is beyond me even with the "it has meaning to me excuse". I'm 31 and seriously what had meaning to me when I was 10 or 20 is far different now and will be when I am 40 50 or 100 year old. A permanent mark that's only going to blur, fade, and warp over the years? But like a bumper sticker this does not come off. A 60 year old man with a tattoo on his arm from 40 years ago...barely recognizable and disgusting.<br />
<br />
I do think that more recent developments such as tattoos using ink that fads away in a few months are acceptable. But until then the tattoo removal business is something I should be investing in on the side. I hear the owners are getting rich!<br />
<br />
I might date a girl with a tattoo but that's the 1st strike already. Now a tramp stamp, that's 3 strikes. Forget it. Not interested.

Just bang her a couple of times. Tattoo women are very easy. Don't tongue kiss her though. Most tattoo people follow the sheep and smoke as well.

In the 1950s and 1960s only prostitutes had tattoos. Now it's "socially acceptable" for every woman to have them. <br />
In the 1950s and early 1960s it was considered whorish for a middle-class woman to have sex prior to marriage. Nowadays it's become "socially acceptable"... Even mandatory... <br />
So I think it's only natural that the middle-class women of today get tattooed like only prostitutes used to....

From a first amendment perspective, you have a right to do with your body, or dress as you wish as long as it meets the minimum standards of society for "decency"<br />
<br />
However, when you present yourself, fashio how you look and appear to others you are making a personal statement and you ARE going to influence how they react to you. While some people will find X or Y or Z appealing, cool, attractive etc. others will find it decidedly not.<br />
<br />
Make up is similar to tats but it's meant to enhance in a somewhat natural manner facial features. Extreme make up is however, no different that a tat. It goes beyond amplifying a feature or hiding a flaw.<br />
<br />
Most tats are not good art. They clash with the human body and the skin as a homogeneous surface. Skin is not canvas or paper. It is the boundary la<x>yer of our skin and our clothes are designed to compliment our bodies. Tats are more like grafitti - messages placed on surfaces which none was intended for. Do we tattoo our auto? Adding messages and artwork all over the body? No<br />
<br />
I find the idea of writing some permanent memorial on one's flesh bizarre to say the least. Why do you need to be reminded of something which is so important by having a message left on your skin? And why do I have to read it?<br />
<br />
They're offensive because they diminish the body not enhance it in 99.99% of the cases. Of course, if you want to have fun for a specific event, go paint on a non permanent event specific tat... like applied make up. When your situation changes, off it comes and you are not being read as some sort of billboard advertising some message or conformance to a group standard.<br />
<br />
I am old and have lived through many cultural paradigm shifts in style. This is the worst one yet, ugly, tacky unappealing. Beautiful women are defiling themselves. Thank dog I am passed the dating thing, it's narrowed the field terribly. I would never be with a woman who was tattooed.<br />
<br />
I can't wait for this hideous trend to go out of fashion. It won't come soon enough.

I bet most of these people with those stupid memorials , never gave a dime to the charity representing their honoree on their body.

lmfao. Sorry sorry I just lost it at the "girls being more feminine part".ROFL Get over yourselves.

2 words - tolerance & respect... Goes a LONG way. ( Never understood why some folks can get so publicly nasty on such a private issue... ;-/) I posted this on another thread... <br />
<br />
* The decision 2 get inked, or not, is a VERY personal 1. There is no "right, or wrong" in this, it is simply a matter of taste & choice. Even amongst those who decide 2 undergo the ink - the reasons 4 this R as various & sundry as the individuals themselves. 4 some of us that do, it is simply a way 2 honor a person, or experience, that has 4ever changed us. It can B 4 many, a very public & profound way 2 make a stand. 2 each their own, though...<br />
<br />

I think tattoos are kind of dumb because everybody gets them. they were cool when only certain people did but now everybody does and it just seems pointless to permanently stain your skin....i mean what does is really do? all it is is showing off some picture on your skin....so 'deep'

It is no wonder politicians treat the public like they do. They are looking like trashy uneducated trailer trash with their tattoos. Once only the lowest of society. Even older women are getting them thinking it makes them look younger or better. It just makes them look trashy and pathetic. I give up. We are heading into becoming a third world toilet at high speed. Things that needed to be done should have been done years ago. To little to late is being done now. Just watch the History channel and wave goodbye to what was once great.

I am a 39 year old woman, and I absolutely hate tattoos. I don't like the way our society has embraced them as "cool" and "mainstream." I think that they make women look especially cheap and trashy. Hey, remember in the "Golden Era" of Hollywood how beautiful stars were? Now, when you see glamourous stars on the red carpet, it doesn't matter how beautiful their gowns are or how great their hair and make-up look...all you see is the tattoo. GROSS!

If I met a woman with a tattoo on her wrist I wouldn't abuse her (I'm not the abusive type) but I would feel no attraction to her. I don't care what the tattoo represents. It just looks plain ugly to me.I think it's tacky to graffiti your body with ink as a way to pay respect for your deceased loved ones, Nobody used to do that because it's in very bad taste and in fact is quite creepy. That is not the proper way to morn. I think of my relatives who have passed on and the nice times we spent together, It's all in my memory, they are part of my soul and who I am. To mark myself with tattoos representing them would be cheapening the time they spent on earth.

Very delicately said. Kudos to you my friend.

I guess you didn't notice this is a forum for like minded people which you are not. Congratulations you succeeded in looking like a circus side show freak and barging in where you don't belong. I see these little notes all over the net saying tattooed people don't care what non-tattooed people think. What a bunch of bull they are the biggest cry babies.<br />
There are forums for people with Psychiatric issues you should check them out for sure!!!

Exactly. I bet if there were a thread trashing men that were too muscular, these guys would not come on that thread with the vitriol that the tattoo people are. The tattoo people are probably regretting their own tattoos. That is why they are so angry when they see threads like this.

I see no anger or vitriol from us with tattoos. On the other hand, we are called trash, low lives with poor decision making skills. We are not the one making biased comments or making decisions about people just because the do or don't have tattoos. A tattoo is a personal choice that affects the wearer, and y'all are offended to the nth degree by something that has little to no effect on your life. And y'all say we have bad judgement. It's absolutely hilarious the hypocritical attitudes in this forum. And the willing blind eye to your words and actions.

The fact that you are bothered by what others think is telling. I am not responsible for your lack of self esteem. I will say it everyday that I think tattoos are disgusting and for lowlifes and I am entitled to my opinion. If that bothers you, that is on you. I am just a stranger on the net.

A question, if I may. How is entering a public discussion about tattoos "barging" in? How about the fact y'all are complaining about our choices that have no affect or baring on your life. It's amusing, to say the least.

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I have one thing to say. Inked up, & proud & out of your league.<br />
http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee185/czechomommy/sabinakelly.jpg<br />
oh and you think of 'sodomising me' dude below, I call the police. It is not woman who are proud of their tattoos that should be insulted, it is the people who try and degrade them. You do not know them personally, there is often emotional reasons for tattoos such as covering scars from a mastectamy, [where breast removal from cancer has to be cut up to the collar bone] or burns. Designs to commemorate loved ones who have died... you might say 'just draw a picture to commemorate them' but it is not the same. Often going through the pain of a tattoo helps to heal people emotionally, it is subjective to each individual. You cannot be certain that if you lost a loved one, a daughter or your wife, that you would not get their birth day and death tattooed on you, sure you might say 'err, why dont you just remember it' but often people want it to become a part of them physically, and they want to show that to the world or even to themselves permanantly, and why shouldn't they? it is their body, not yours. Why are you not also condemning woman or men who get plastic surgery? it poses the same risks and often looks uglier than a striking bright rose design, that commemorated her mother who loved roses.... who can deny someone their own opportunity to feel proud of a tattoo that has extreme emotional value? it is wrong... and if you met a gorgeous, intelligent woman who had a small design on her wrist to commemorate her mother who died of cancer, I doubt you would want to abuse her like most of you are in these ridiculous forums.

The no-tattoos.com site is an excllent resource. Thank you Bob.

I found this site I want to share. I wish more people considering tattoos would read it to make a more informed decision. http://www.no-tattoos.com/index.html

I read an artcle where a tattooed woman was offended that most of the modeling ads said "no tattoos". Well when she chose to get tattooed she decided to distract from her beauty and there are consequences for that. The fact that modeling agencies (and their clients) don't want tattoos just goes to show that it is a universal truth that tattoos are ugly. Popular culture tries to say otherwise (and has done a good job of brainwashing the masses) but the truth is tattoos are ugly as sin, literally because they are in fact sinful.<br />
<br />
I saw a TV show where a morbidly obese woman said her large tattoo made her "feel beautiful". No hun don't kid yourself, you are fat and ugly and your huge tattoo has pushed you over into the hideous zone.

Tattoos equate with no class that's why they are rejected by classy people.

Thats another point you inadvertently brought out. Why the hell would an obese person get tattoos? It makes no sense. Why would they want to showcase their body? Isn't that why they say heavy people should wear black, to look less loud or whatever?

Why do fat people get tattoos? Because its easier than dieting, exercise, taking care of your God-given body - you know, the hard work needed to get your body in shape so that you can be proud of it. So, they slap a bunch of big bright tattoos over their fat and (in their mind) it makes their body something other than simply obese. Why would attractive people ever want to be associated with Fattoos?

I agree with you about the days when only strippers and hookers had tattoos. The worst thing is allot of these girls think it makes them attractive. I have friends who dislike tattoos but hit on these girls cause they say they will be more likely to get into there pants that night then any girl that doesn't have them. The term Tramp Stamp didn't come out of nowhere. People ask me what if the girl was really hot or pretty with a tattoo. They don't seem to understand that once I see a visible tattoo there is no hot or pretty if it was once there it is gone now.

GetTatted. I didn't know this was a debate forum. I thought it was a community for like minded individuals to share or thoughts and experiences. Why come here and bother us? There are literally millions of pro-tattoo internet sites for you to choose from.<br />
<br />
You mentioned that in the old days everyone smoked pot. Well in this era a widespread drug that is used is meth. I'm not a fan of weed but meth is a much more destructive drug. I am 100% certain that tattooed people are more likely to use meth (and every other illegal drug) than the non-tattooed. I'm not saying everyone who's tattooed takes drugs. I AM saying the majority of meth tweakers are in fact tattooed. <br />
<br />
Same thing with criminals. Sometimes I watch prison TV shows on MSNBC. I can't help but notice that hardcore criminals are covered in tattoos. It just goes to show that tattoos are a portal of evil. <br />
<br />
Also, don't even bring up racism. Nobody chooses what color skin we have.On the other hand getting tattooed is a choose. If you choose to get inked and make yourself look like a circus freak you knew ahead of time that people would thnk different of you.

*sigh* Why do you keep responding? I only do it to see your hilarious responces. Why say you would sodomize with someone with a tattoo if you wouldn't actually do it? See, right there you are contridicting yourself. Now, I know I dont need help for expressing my opinion. You are against gays and lesbians? Thats no good, that just means you are afraid of your own personal sexuality preference. I'm not a harasser either, I wouldn't dream of it. Against my morals. Start an argument? Yes, I would. I love to see people like you squeal and get sooo mad lol. Last, I DO have a life, but in those times where I'm not doing anything, I start stuff like this to pass the time. Hehe, I love it, and there is nothing you can do. Spreading my opinion, and standing up for what I believe in. That is not against the law, you can not get me arrested for it. Thats what I love about America, freedom of speech buddy. Write it down. ;) Bloggers blog to get opinions. If you do not like my opinion on how I think girls with tattoos are incredibly hott as long as they are not covered than DEAL WITH IT!! Don't be a little 10 year old girl about it and cry over an opinion because you will just get ruder responses aimed at YOU every single time you respond, I will respond back and make you cry over and over again lol!!! So, do yourself a favour and stop responding, because there is nothing you can do about it.

I do apologize, but if you blog about something like this, expect negative feedback. Also, why would I risk going to jail? I'm having a baby. Another thing is, not everybody who is tatted is a bad person. You are biased for all the wrong reasons. I'm not the one who said they would have anal with someone who has tats. Anal is for the disturbed. You are disturbed. So please, if you will, expect negative comments. They will arrive, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. I'm watching what I say, because I'm a respectful person who doesn't judge someone for the colour/s of their skin. I respect people for who they are, not because of the things they do, but their personality, and being biased about someone is pretty much like being racist to a certain colour.

You people are so adorible :P. Enragedtitan, you are sad. You gonna practice anal sex upon someone like that? So you would want your tingger all chocolatey and smell of poop? Hahaha, also they make sure they throw the needles away before the tat another person. :P Fantasy, if you are sooo scared of everything on mother earth, than you will never begin to live you are just depressing, and to you cleancut. You are an old fart. Your opinion doesn't matter much lol. Remember in the old days when everyone was smoking pot and doing dope? Yea, I'd much rather have everyone do tattoos than do dope and smoke pot. You all sad. lol

I would rather they smoke their pot, which they are doing anyway. People like myself have to see those disgusting things, usually with your cigarettes hanging from your mouths. Please do not talk about addictive behavior. Besides that, I would rather be addicted to heroin than getting tattoos... At least I know when I recover I do not have those ugly things all over my body and if by chance I OD'ed, that's ok too, because if I had those hideous things all over my body, I would want to be dead and buried.

its nice to see other people hate tattoos as much as i do! the inks contain lead...mercury and anti freeze! soooosexy!!!and think how nice they will look in several years when gravity takes its toll!