Dear Teens,

                        Dear girls of my school and guys of my counter part school, 
i dislike a majority of you a majority of the time.
you never realize how so truly annoying you are.
okay it's annoying when...
when every other words that comes out of your mouth is a swear word.
fuckk this, fuckk that, fuckk him, fuckk you.
no fuckk the overuse of fuckk!
she's a bitchh, he's a bitchh, your dog is the only bitchh.
you just sound dumb and uneducated. 
you have gone to school for 10+ years, right?
when all you do is talk about boys and vis versa.
she's ugly, he's gorgeous, she is hot, he looks like road kill.
who died and said you have the right to judge others.
maybe you should go look in the mirror anyway.
because some seem to not like your reflection either.
how she is texting him and he is texting her but shhhh it's a secret...
and OMG, she sexted him... she is a WHOREE.
you're just as bad with your asss hanging out of your shorts that is a toddlers size.
and your boobs spilling out giving everyone a sneak peek of the show you intend to preform later.
and when all you talk about is drinking all weekend long.
you are what, 15-18 years old?
last time i checked that's not legal... so yeah you shouldn't even be talking about it let alone doing it.
no one really cares if you almost got caught be the police.
i kinda wish you would have gotten caught because then i won't have to see your dumb asss in school again.
because guess what, you would get EXPELLED! yay for the rest of us.
and trying to act cool is not cool.
clinging on to boys and flirty to the point of being a hoee is just gross and degrading.
you are a disgrace to women everywhere.
it's the only way you are able to get attention from the opposite gender.
and the way you flip your hair gets no one overwhelmed. 
and that almost super model walk you do,
this is not a run way, you are not a model and shaking your hips when you walk is weird.
being on your phone 24/7 kills me.
i think you guys are hilarious when you pretend to text someone to not look lonely or uncool.
hahahaha, so comical.
but anyways... oh yeah,
when all you do is complain about your grades.
okay lets all throw a pity party for you!
you have a 65% in that class...
ohh that's awkward for you. 
maybe if you actually tired, listened in class and were not such a ditz you would be passing.
i don't need you coming up to me asking if you can "see" my homework, which really means...
"hey can i copy your answers and tell the teacher i did so i get credit too, because i know YOU have no life.
oh and P.S. love you <3 i'll be back the same time tomorrow asking for the homework again!!"
and i really don't want to hear about how hard your life is.
oh here is me playing the world's smallest violin for you.
your mom grounded you for calling her a bitchh. 
that is so cruel of her.
your dad cut off your phone because he saw "those" pictures...
that's an awkward conversation...
and you say you had a mental breakdown.
from what, all the work you don't do.
and let's all talk about our weight while we are already whining
your 98lbs and 5'6...
you're right, you better hit that gym and go on that diet...
what's it called again, oh yeah where all you eat is nothing.
i'm sure that'll work.
and yes it's almost summer, you know what that means?!
it's time to get our fake tans because God knows you can't look natural.
you need to lay in a light coffin.
happy chemotherapy! 
and guys... it's not cool on how you cheat on girls.
and if you must cheat, be smart about it at least.
if you are seeing another girl besides your girlfriend,
make sure they are not best friends. 
you are really screwed then.
oh and when you post profile pictures of you flexing with your shirt off,
it's creepy.
and no girls like you to text them really creepy things.
please don't text us asking us if you can come over when our parents aren't home for some "special alone time".
that's just not okay. 
your sixteen and you go to a catholic school.
i think God would frown upon those actions.
and 98% of whatever else your life consists of.
this is not towards all you teenagers.
just the majority of you guys.
                yours truly.
P.S. i forgot to say laattteeeerrrrr bitchessss <3
americanidiot87 americanidiot87
18-21, F
7 Responses May 11, 2012

Though I think you're being a wee bit judgmental, most of this is pretty true.
I've noticed people who go to same gender/religious schools act up more?! Or maybe that's just me.

You understand school life 100 absolute person

I couldn't have said it better!!!

All of these things plus smoking and taking drugs were happening to 6TH GRADERS at my middle school! It's ridiculous!

oh my God.....yes.....I am sitting in my religion class and couldn't help but to smile ear to ear reading this. It is all true and made me so happy I agree I'm speechless you are amazing!!! :)

This made me smile. : ) Girls in my Bio class spend the period texting and then ask me why my test scores are higher than theirs...

*cheers* applause* whistles* THANK YOU! I'm sick of these people, who act preverted and manipulative because they think that means it makes them "grown up" or something. It's very disgusting.

^My feelings exactly.