I hate the people I see at school, they are all self-interested liberals and perverts. These guys are just looking to screw girls and the girls are fine about it, and almost everyone is like that, maybe only a 5%, but everyone is. I'm not like that, I wouldn't have sex with a girl even if she told me too, I'm too young for that, I don't like that consent thing, I consider rape to be the same as perverted sex, both are sick perverts. I'm looking for a friend or maybe a girlfriend, but mainly a good friend... And everyone is so arrogant, classes are filled with opinions and everyone needs to shout their "smart" opinion, and the teacher does it too, and I just keep my mouth shut because I'm not an arrogant idiot, but then the teacher congratulates these a-holes who don't care about things and just like to be heard, but I don't say anything because I don't need to. And it is like that everyday, and the guys from my grade, which is the last one, hang with girls from the 10th or even 9th grade, which are hoes as well, I mean, where is the decency of civilization anymore, noone is what you think they seem to show, they are the same, liberal parasites.
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Hahahaa this is so perfect.

They're immature. That's all there is to it. I too, hate teenagers and when I tell people they looked stunned. Especially in the first world, children don't have responsibilities, jobs or cares for anything and they look to sex and drugs for amusement. By the time they're 15 they've experimented with everything and have nothing left to enjoy when they're in their 20s because they've done everything already. Kids these days are too eager to grow up. I personally hate it. They're to ignorant and self obsessed to notice anything that's not about their physical self. That's the average western teenager